"We did not compromise our principles"

"We did not compromise our principles"
Date: 1.4.2021 12:00

Mahmut Arıkan, Deputy Chairman of Saadet Party, attended the Provincial Council Meeting of the İzmir Provincial Presidency of his party.

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Saadet Party Izmir Provincial Directorate's Provincial Council Meeting was held in an enthusiastic atmosphere in the Referees Association Conference Hall.
Saadet Party İzmir Provincial Chairman Mustafa Erduran and many National Opinions attended the congress, which was attended by Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Mahmut Arıkan as a speaker.
At the provincial council meeting held in accordance with the mask and distance rules against the coronavirus epidemic, the Saadet Party Izmit Provincial Directorate commission meetings were also held.


Addressing the organization of Saadet Party in Izmir, Mahmut Arıkan, Deputy Chairman of Saadet Party, "We used to call morality and spirituality first in 1969, and today we call it morality and spirituality first. In 1969, we used to say that the development of the country can only be achieved through production. We say the same things today. In 1969, we were saying that instead of being slaves at the door of other unions such as the EU, we should have a say in the world by establishing partnerships in which Turkey will be the playmaker. We continue to say the same things today. Throughout the history of the National Vision, we have not compromised on any of these basic principles and principles in all our ruling partnerships and all municipal administrations," he said.


Stating that the struggle for national opinion is organized, not with parties, Mahmut Arıkan stated that the system is broken and needs to be changed, "There is no correct product from a broken counter. If the counter is not corrected, the product will be defective, regardless of who is at the counter. We want to come to power. But our aim is not to give orders to certain places in those decorated seats, but not to offer rent doors. When we come to power, instead of integrating into the broken system, we will do our work to fix the broken system," he added.


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