"We must take concrete steps for the Islamic Union"

"We must take concrete steps for the Islamic Union"
Date: 5.12.2018 12:00

The last session of the ESAM 27th International Congress of Muslim Communities was held under the title of 'Search for Solutions for the Islamic Communities'.

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Chairman of the Session Abdullah Sevim, "There is a order in which humanity can live in peace and without war. This order is the order of Allah. We must not forget that the sovereignty is God. Instead of reaching humanity with the political, economic and cultural solutions that people make, we are moving towards disaster. The lives and property of all humanity on earth are in danger. The situation of Islamic countries is too bad to be described by words. As Muslims, we have no voice in the world. Erbakan will be the foundation of the Islamic unity of the steps that our teacher had initiated 27 years ago by laying the foundations of the meeting of the Muslim Communities Union 27." he said.
Saadet Party Vice President Mustafa Kaya, "Today, we are experiencing the results of the technological superiority scissors, which started with the Industrial Revolution and later on. Even after the Second World War, societies looking at each other with hatred came together in Europe. No matter what problems, there is no obstacle for Muslims to come together." he  said.
We can succeed if we can tackle poverty. We have to take concrete steps in which the standards of the plans and programs we set forth are clear. We need more enterprise and institutionalization. In the past, we have established many non-governmental organizations. We have built institutions where we can restore Islamic unity. But we are in a new phase at the moment.
Dr. Khubeyb Kyaw touched upon the genocide struggles of Rakhine (Rohingya). Kyaw said, Millions of Rohingian Muslims in Bangladesh are trying to survive in refugee camps. He has suffered many Rohingian genocides. The pain of the Rohingians is the pain of Islam. The Muslims must come together for the Rohingians urgently. It is not possible for Rohingyans to survive on their own. Your Rohingya brothers have difficulty in meeting their basic needs.


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