"We see you as brothers, don't believe the perceptions"

"We see you as brothers, dont believe the perceptions"
Date: 14.9.2021 15:00

Special statements to our newspaper from Mohammed Dawoud Abidi, Chairman of the Afghanistan Peace Council, who is known for his closeness to the Taliban...

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Mohammed Dawoud Abidi, Chairman of the Afghanistan Peace Council, where we discussed the process in Afghanistan, made important statements. Saying that they want to establish an interest-free order in Afghanistan and explaining that they do not recognize the Israeli regime, Abidi said that they defeated not only the USA but also those who acted with it.
Abidi, who also addressed the people of Turkey through our newspaper, "We see you as brothers. Do not believe the perceptions of the Taliban and the Afghan government. The photo shown by the West is unreal. Those who lost in war seek revenge by slander," he said.


Abidi also made statements about the economic conditions in Afghanistan. Afghan official stated that they want to establish an interest-free order in Afghanistan.
"Afghan people know that interest means waging war against Allah and our prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We gave millions of martyrs for Islam. It is never acceptable to wage war against Allah and the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) for money. We want to work with Islamic institutions that operate interest-free," he said.


Known for his closeness to the Taliban, Afghanistan Peace Council Chairman Mohammed Dawoud Abidi also addressed political parties in Turkey through the Milli Gazete.
"We know that Turkey is currently struggling in different fields. Libya, Syria, Iraq. Likewise, what is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean is obvious. We see the heroic people of Turkey standing up to difficulties. We ask the government, all parties in Turkey and especially the Felicity Party to help us. In particular, we want to be in solidarity in four areas. These; agriculture, health, education and trade," he added.
At the beginning of his speech, Muhammed Dawoud Abidi said that I am very happy to be together with Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan's students. Mohammed Davud Abidi, with whom we discussed many important issues regarding Afghanistan, said that a transitional government has already been established and that a better government will be formed to serve the people of Afghanistan in the coming period.
Abidi noted that they wanted the government to be formed within the framework of the principle of justice and told our newspaper what they wanted to do. At this point, the Afghan official said,
"We want to establish a just government. It's not enough to just talk and argue. The app will show everything. We want to make important breakthroughs in the field of education. Another goal is to end unemployment. We also want to build houses for our people. Another goal is to end drugs and terrorism," Abidi said.


Making special statements to the Milli Gazete, Afghanistan Peace Council President Mohammed Dawoud Abidi said that they do not recognize the occupying Israeli regime.
"Jerusalem is our first qibla. No Muslim can stay away from the Jerusalem cause. Jerusalem is currently under Israeli occupation. What happened in Palestine is within the responsibility of the entire Islamic world," Abidi said that they want to establish a good relationship with Islamic countries because Muslims have to treat each other well.


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