"We started a legal process!"

"We started a legal process!"
Date: 31.3.2021 12:00

The union reacted against the attitude of Çağlayancerit Deputy District Governor at the Training, Coordination and Advisory Board Meeting

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In his press release, Kahramanmaraş Education Bir-Sen Provincial Director Abdülaziz Aydın reacted to the attitude of Çağlayancerit Deputy District Governor Özgür İşçimen towards the Eğitim Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen union executives at the Training, Coordination and Advisory Board Meeting.


Stating that the attitude displayed at the meeting demonstrated the purpose of the Education, Coordination and Advisory Board, which was formed by the Deputy District Governor himself, Aydın, "The Deputy District Governor, in the presence of 13 people in the meeting room, started to look for a criminal by saying to the person he brought, "Who used mobbing on you, my daughter?" He attempted to assassinate reputation over organized questions and purposeful answers. The Deputy District Governor was not satisfied with this, he gave instructions around with a style and attitude that did not suit the authority he represented, turned to the District Governor's Registrar and received a petition of complaint from the Director of the District Governor, Hoca Hanım, and immediately disciplined about the District Director of National Education and the others. Let's start the investigation! ' Then, Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen addressed our District Representative, saying, "Your duty in the Board is over, leave the hall immediately!" he said.


Describing what happened at the meeting as a "trial theater", Aydın, "This person who pretends to occupy the office entrusted to him by the state rather than to represent him and who is far from carrying the dignity of his duty should be informed by the authorities. Necessary actions should be taken urgently about this Deputy District Governor, who uses his seat as a means of insulting and showing power to the place of service, and assumes the execution of dignity of education staff, and further damage to the reputation of our state should be prevented. We have initiated all legal processes in order to get the money he deserves, and we will follow it until the end," he added.


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