"We will protect nation's trust"

"We will protect nations trust"
Date: 12.2.2019 12:00

Saadet Party introduced the candidates of Konya. Hasan Hüseyin Uyar announced as mayoral candidate of Konya Metropolitan.

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Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Lutfi Yalman, stating that they would bring back the National Opinion municipality again to Turkey's agenda.
Saadet Party, Konya Province Presidency, before the local election, introduced the presidential candidates of Konya Metropolitan and its districts to the public. 
In a meeting held in a hotel in Konya and given information about the elections to be held in the local elections, Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Lütfi Yalman, Saadet Party Secretary General Tacettin Çetinkaya, Saadet Party General Administrative Board (GIK) Member Hasan Huseyin Oz, Saadet Party, Konya Province Vice President Ahmet Büyüktermiyeci, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Former President Mustafa Özkafa, Saadet Party Konya Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Av. Hasan Hüseyin Uyar, district mayor candidates attended.
Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Lutfi Yalman, when they delivered the municipality in 2004, in his speech in the candidate introductory meeting "zero debt, zero debt and zero debt," recalling what they say, "We put the Social municipality understanding of Turkey and we have public intertwined. In short, we have engraved the understanding of legendary municipalism into minds. The municipality of Milli Görüş (National Vision) has made the concept of social municipality for the first time. We have an understanding of municipalism that provides opportunities for employment. In addition, another issue is to own the trust. In other words, the National Opinion Municipality, the nation's goods and the trust to have the understanding of getting rid of.
Konya Metropolitan Mayoral Candidate Hasan Huseyin Uyar stating that Konya's problems and projects, emphasized that Konya is facing a major traffic and parking problem.
Uyar, "We will not leave the understanding of transparent municipalities and mercy. Our door will be open to everyone. We will be aware that a negative event in the city is over us. We will do transitions free to our students and those who are over 65 years of age." he said.


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