A flood of love for Erbakan Hodja

A flood of love for Erbakan Hodja
Date: 28.2.2024 11:00

Exactly 13 years have passed since February 27, 2011, when Milli Görüş late leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan passed away. As every year, on the anniversary of his death, thousands of visitors from all walks of life flocked to Erbakan Hodja's grave in Merkezefendi.

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Milli Görüş leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, who passed away on February 27, 2011, is fondly remembered throughout Turkey and the Islamic geography on the 13th anniversary of his death.
The grave of our Erbakan Hodja, who was buried in Merkezefendi Cemetery, was once again flooded with visitors on the anniversary of his death, as every year.
Thousands of people who loved Erbakan Hodja and his ideas prayed at his grave.
As Milli Gazete, we compiled the feelings and thoughts of those who came to visit Erbakan Hodja's grave in Merkezefendi Cemetery, where many politicians, non-governmental organization representatives, statesmen, scientists and citizens from all walks of life flocked.


Saadet Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate and Istanbul Deputy Birol Aydın, who came to visit Erbakan Hodja's grave, made special statements to our newspaper.
"Our teacher Erbakan is a blessing from God. Erbakan Hodja, who made groundbreaking moves in our Turkey, has accomplished works that we can refer to in the name of Islam, production, development and science in our country since 1969. He was an exceptional person who possessed the characteristics of being both a man of action, a man of cause, a statesman and a scientist. Thank God Almighty, he gave me the opportunity to work with Erbakan Hodja. May God elevate his rank and grant him a place in heaven," Aydın said.


Burcu Arslan Şahin said that she knew Erbakan Hodja from television screens when he passed away.
"Like today, I visit Erbakan Hodja's grave every year on February 27. I recognized him from television when he passed away. When I asked my father about Erbakan Hodja, whose funeral was attended by millions of people, he said, 'He wanted to establish a Fair Order.' From that day on, I fell in love with both Erbakan Hodja and Milli Görüş. May God bless our teacher. May God grant our Erbakan Hodja a place in heaven," Şahin said.


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