A formula for both employer, worker

A formula for both employer, worker
Date: 27.12.2018 14:00

The only formula to be won by both the employer and the worker is the alleviation or abolition of the tax burden on the minimum wage.

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The expected minimum wage hike by citizens was announced as 26 percent. Accordingly, the minimum wage of 2 thousand 558 liras, 2 thousand 20 pounds with tax deductions will enter into the pocket of the worker. 350 liras of the difference between gross and net fee will be deducted as tax from minimum wage.
It was announced that the minimum wage, which constitutes a large part of the society, is waiting with curiosity. In 2019, the minimum wage announced in 2 thousand 558 liras, 2 thousand 20 liras in the pocket of the worker as a net will enter. Hunger limit of 2 thousand 200 in Turkey, as explained in liras, the AKP government found almost a new taxation system. Between the gross and net wage, the amount of 538 liras will be cut as a minimum tax fee of approximately.
If the income tax slices are not determined according to the minimum wage this year, there will be a great right offense in terms of the minimum wage. The minimum wage income from the minimum wage in 2018 will be 15 percent. In this case the tax cut from minimum wage earners will increase by 5 percent, as the deduction will be more. Approaching 50 percent of the working population in Turkey is trying to minimum wage. The cuts made by the minimum wage are a great source of income for the government. If there is no change in tax slicing, there will be a big decrease in the minimum wage starting from the 6th month of 2019.
The hunger limit of a family of 4 in November was announced as 2 thousand 200 Turkish Liras. With the raise, the minimum wage would be 2 thousand 20 liras. The government cut the worker's minimum wage 350 liras, the government has found a new way of tax with his raise. The government, which made a positive outlook, withdrew its hike to the minimum wage with a difference of 538 liras between gross and net wage. Having seen the highest figures since 2002, record-breaking inflation is expected to increase in 2019 as well. The government is expected to increase its hunger limit in 2019 with inflation expected by 15.6% with the New Economic Program. 2 thousand 400 liras expected to be at the level of hunger, 2 thousand 20 liras in the new year will bend the minimum wage.


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