Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "From martyr MalcolmX to Muslim youth"

Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "From martyr MalcolmX to Muslim youth"
Date: 21.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulaziz Kıranşal writes on MalcolmX. Here is the full article.

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Martyrdom time…
Time is a time for martyrdom. And if I will fall a martyr, it will be for the sake of brotherhood. Because the only thing that can save this country is brotherhood.
And I'm after the truth. It doesn't matter who says it, I'm after justice. It doesn't matter who or against whom...
As a Muslim, I feel my duty to make Islam prevail until there is no single person left who does not prostrate in the presence of Allah ...
I know my struggle is right. I want to live as a Muslim. I want injustices to be eliminated. There is of course a way to die a Muslim where there is no Muslim living.
Wake up people first!
The biggest mistake of the movement is to try to organize sleeping people. You must first awaken people so they can take action.
Prepare for freedom!
Nobody will give you freedom. Nobody will give you equality, justice and nothing else. If you are really a man, you take them yourself.
The strength in the defense of freedom is greater than the power used for tyranny and persecution. Because real power comes from our belief that produces an irreconcilable action. Those who defend freedom have more power to resist than the persecutors.
You don't need to be a man to fight in the name of freedom. All you have to do is be a sane person.
And if you're not ready to die for it, take the word freedom out of your vocabulary!
You cannot separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace without freedom.
Be careful!
If you don't pay attention, the media will make you hate the oppressed and love the oppressors.
I seek for the truth, It's not important who said it. I am after justice, it doesn't matter to whom or to whom. Those who can change history are only those who have succeeded in changing the way people think about themselves.
Pay attention to education!
When the slave is as educated as his master, he surely wants to be like his master. He wants to share his master's property and even have the same privileges as he is at his master's house. Therefore, they never give the slaves enough education. Because someone who is as educated as his master will never be a slave to his master. This is the root of the American scourge. There will be no peace in America as long as there are twenty million blacks kneeling and pleading for the rights they know they will never give.
I am not educated, I am not an expert in any field. But I am sincere and sincerity is my reference.
Here it is, whether you use bullets or ballot papers. One should aim well and shoot the puppeteer, not the puppet.
Don't be racist!
I do not have an American dream, I am an American nightmare. Racism and capitalism are giving people a nightmare life and if it continues like this, it will be the end of America.
Racism is not an ideological thought, but a psychological illness. There can be no capitalism without racism. Show me a capitalist and I'll show you a bloodsucker. Only Islam can eliminate racism. America also needs to understand Islam. Because this religion is a religion that uprooted Racism. The only religion that really opposes capitalism and that will abolish capitalism is Islam. There is only one solution, to accept Islam.
We are not slaves!
For four hundred years we were subjected to violence as American blacks, lived as a loyal nation, as field slaves and domestic slaves... The field slave lived in the fields, worked, ate as much as his master gave, and rested as much as he could. The house slave ate his master's scraps and put on his old clothes, and when their house burned down, he was the first to run into the fire. When there was a problem, we again felt the rod of our masters on our neck, we did not come here with the ships of Columbus or anything. We are not slaves.
With mercy to El-Hajj Malik al-Shahbâz (Malcolm X), who was martyred on February 21, 1965...


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