Abdülaziz Kıranşal: "Istanbul Convention is a social insanity project"

Abdülaziz Kıranşal: "Istanbul Convention is a social insanity project"
Date: 11.5.2020 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulaziz Kıranşal writes on Istanbul Convention. Here is the full article.

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Providing the control of concepts such as chastity, ar, dreams, and honor, where motherhood and housewife that keep the family alive are devalued; The Istanbul Convention, which is defined as the concepts that produce discrimination and violence, and where the family is shown as a dangerous place where violence against women and children is produced, is designed to destroy the family structure of a Muslim society.


The saddest thing is that this contract, which was presented to women with propaganda for preventing violence, was prepared by Western imperialists who have applied violence to any woman in the world.
Bosnian women in the middle of Europe, who murdered one and a half million Muslims in Iraq without women and children, polluting the chastity of 200,000 women, expelling Syrian women from their homes, placing Chinese men in the homes of women from East Turkestan, burning the Arakanese women alive. and the murderers of children, the embargo in Palestine, which caused women and children to die from drug-freeness, sentenced African women and children to hunger, terrorist organizations they supported in these lands, martyred our soldiers and police officers, leaving behind tears of women and children. It is a great rationale to believe that the wild West civilization that has somehow exerted violence and persecution on it can produce a project to prevent violence against women.


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