Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "Ten traits that Zionism looks for in a Muslim youth"

Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "Ten traits that Zionism looks for in a Muslim youth"
Date: 28.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulaziz Kıranşal writes on Muslim youth. Here is the full article.

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Lack of worship discipline:
Zionism loves young people who are not religiously conscious. Because young people who do not attach importance to worship turn religion into an ideology over time. They defend their religion like an ideology. But they never live what they defend in their lives. What he says and what he does is always different. Those whose actions and discourses do not coincide will never succeed against Zionism.
Zionism loves lazy youth. Because the lazy youth delays even repenting to his sin. It devours itself by constantly repeating the same sins and mistakes. He always dreams of going to Jerusalem, but he cannot even go to the two-step mosque. He constantly complains, criticizes, detects, but never does business. It does not read, write or produce. He speaks Islam but does not live. Lazy people will never have the strength to fight against Zionism and its plans.
Eating a lot, sleeping a lot and talking a lot
Zionism loves young people who sleep a lot, eat a lot and talk a lot, become slaves in pursuit of their ego, and cannot speak to their will. Because, in a sense, slavery to the soul is slavery to Zionism. Young people who are slaves to their own nafs are generally fond of luxury and comfort. Since they cannot compromise on their comfort and quality of life, they do not enter into difficult and arduous struggles. They cannot put a word to their sleep. They can't put a word in their eyes. Yummy puts the slavery chain around their neck and drags them wherever they want ...
Zionism admires cowardly and wary youth. Because their lives always flow in fear of losing something. Sometimes they devour a whole life out of fear of losing their diplomas, sometimes their sustenance, sometimes their position and reputation. They cannot have a say in their will.
Disrespect for parents:
Zionism also loves young people who do not respect their parents. Young people who cannot receive parental prayers cannot be expected to be successful in politics, business, or jihad against Zionism. For, Islam commands respect for them even if their parents are unbelievers in matters that are not contrary to religion. Where there is no respect for parents, it means that there is neither the consent of God nor the help. No success against Zionism can be achieved where there is no help from God.
Immorality and shame:
Zionism admires immoral and frivolous young people. Poor and shameless young people, who make abusive, nasty jokes, who do not know how to sit up, who are far from the dignity and seriousness of Islam, are the number one youth for Zionism. Because immoral young people are incompatible. The incompatible people cannot establish long-term friendships and brotherhoods. They get along with short-term friendships. There is no struggle against Zionism where there is no brotherhood.
Personality and characterlessness:
Zionism also admires impersonal youth. Because, where there is no personality, neither science, jihad nor lawsuit will exist. Young people, who do not have a stance, an identity, a struggle or a problem, cannot contribute to the construction of Islamic civilization. Such young people can stand against neither injustice nor injustice. It is also unthinkable for the youth, who are thrown from right to left like the garbage piles in front of the flood, who are unaware of their own beliefs, identity and values, to rebel against Zionism.
Troublesome and indifference:
Zionism also likes careless young people. Because young people who do not have their own agenda and who are not concerned with the problems of Muslims cannot be expected to produce solutions to the problems of the ummah. Young people who have consumed their life with TV series, movies, flirt and the internet, who are not sorry that they missed a football team's match as much as they missed a prayer, and who are melting away in the grip of popular culture, are indispensable youth for Zionism. Because where you do not have a problem, there will be no resistance against Zionism.
The habit of no planning and procrastination:
Zionism also loves young people who cannot plan their time and constantly postpone them. Because an unplanned and not evaluated every minute is a life wasted. A lifestyle without a prayer plan, a reading plan, a rest plan, an Islamic activity plan is exactly what Zionism wants. Because a life that is not planned by its owner is always planned and directed by others ...
Lack of knowledge and ignorance:
Zionism loves young people who do not know their religion, cause, history and values ​​and do not make an effort to learn. Because young people, who are unaware of their own religion and values, gradually admire the values ​​and concepts of others. Young people who do not know their own past and history, and their heroes, follow a false history and false heroes ...
The young people hated the most by Zionism are those who try to get rid of all these mistakes as much as possible and try to put their lives in order by drawing a basmala again.


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