Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "To the Muslim youth"

Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "To the Muslim youth"
Date: 14.3.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulaziz Kıranşal writes on Muslims way to live. Here is the full article.

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Start your day with basmala. Go to your work and school with basmala. Open your shop with basmala. Get in your car with basmala. Don’t forget to read Ayat al-Kursi, surah an-Nas and al-Falaq   when you leave your home. Take refuge in Allah against accident, trouble and evil eye. Don't forget to entrust your home, work, family and children to Allah!
Understand Islam correctly. Get to know your case well. If you don’t get upset when you miss a prayer as much as when you miss a meeting, if you face up to go to Africa for aid efforts but can’t face up to go to the masjid right beside you, If you can’t read the Qur'an with the same excitement as that you read a new book, it means you have misunderstood something, you have turned goals into tools. First you have to be chaste, so that you have the right to ask for chastity spouse from Allah. Be Yousef so that Allah predestines you for spouses worth for Yousef. Even if your shirt is ripped from the front, know to sew it with pledge. Whenever you make a mistake, do a kindness after that so that it blots out the mistake. Don’t forget! The most dutiful persons who make mistakes are those who pledge.
If you will be gentle, treat your spouse with kindness so that the devil doesn't turn your rudeness into an opportunity. If you will show respect, show also respect to the parents of your spouse so that the attachment between you gets stronger. If you will be moral, treat your spouse with good morality, so that his/her respect for you increase. If you will forgive, first forgive your spouse’s mistakes and flaws so that his/her dependence to you increases. 
Talk about your alliances with you Muslim brothers and not about your conflicts. Don’t damage your Islamic brotherhood because of your political differences! If you harm the Islamic brotherhood, one day you can’t become a brother properly even if you’re united in the same political idea. Don’t forget! No political alliance can unite something that Islam can’t unite. Don’t forget! All our differences remain from details in the face of our Muslim identity and our Islamic brotherhood. Bear your headscarf with chastity so that you don’t turn it into make-up. Bear you beard with greatness so that you don’t turn it into an accessory. Give the due of being an Islamic divinity students school graduate so that you don’t turn it into a bureaucratic reference. Maintain your struggle with pure and clean love so that you don’t turn it into a step for the offices you want to reach. 
Know the value of time and spend it with charity and good deeds. If you leave the university, high-school you studied for years, the neighborhood you lived for years, the workplace you worked for years without bringing a youth together with prayer, without teaching Qur’an to a youth, without saving a youth from sins, without raising a youth and bring him/her to your case and to Islam, if you leave without telling a youth the Islamic Unity, this means you lose much things.
Read a lot! Know these 6 books perfectly. For all your life: Qur’an, for hadith: Riyazu’s-Salihin, for Islamic law: Omar Nasuhi Bilmen, for morals: Edebu’l Mufred, for family: Evlilik ve Mahremiyetleri, for jihad, move and case: Necmettin Erbakan, Davam. Don’t forget! Our case is Islam. Our method is invitations, advice, exemplary and organized work. Our example for invitation, advice and life is Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). Keep always in mind! Islam isn’t a supported ideology but a living religion. And know that you become a case-human as the extent you live it. 
Let your greatest desire be a martyr in the path of Allah. But don't forget that martyrdom isn’t a literature but a lifestyle. Before you want to be a martyr, live like a martyr. When you hear the morning Azan, run to masjids so that you can run to martyr when you are called. First give of your ware and comfort so that you can give your life when appropriate. 
Never believe those three lies during your life. Every international project in which there is no Islamic Union consists of a big lie. Every economic project that isn’t against interest consists of a big lie. Every social project that doesn’t prioritize morality and spirituality consists of a big lie.


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