Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "What would Erbakan do during the pandemic process?"

Abdulaziz Kıranşal: "What would Erbakan do during the pandemic process?"
Date: 11.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulaziz Kıranşal writes on Erbakan Hodja. Here is the full article.

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1- He certainly would not analyze this process independently of Zionism:
Because he deciphered what he wanted to do in the new era, which he described as the ninth period of Zionism, in the ESAM conference as follows:
"Please see this book I have is a work prepared by RAND Corporation. The RAND Corporation is the brainchild of racist imperialism. What are they planning, they are drawing the police state road map. What does it mean, you have an identity number, now such a computer network will be established that where you have money, who you are, what do you do, where you go, will see whenever he wants. It says that we control the money but it is not enough. Still, there is some cooperation. We will establish a police state around the world to prevent them. We will follow every move of everyone. How do we build this police state? They started taking their steps. Have you given your ID number, okay. But it says this is not enough. Now it is developing it. We have to control everything as we want. We must be able to reach whatever we want. We need to turn states all over the world into a police state. It studied this, prepared them by pouring huge money. Now it wants to realize these."
2- He used to tell that Zionism would never miss this opportunity:
Erbakan Hodja would first investigate the effects of Zionism on this process and decipher it if the virus was produced by Zionism itself. He would tell that even if the process started independently of Zionism, Zionism would definitely turn this process affecting the whole world into an opportunity. Because Erbakan, "we do not say that there is a Zionist under every stone; but the Zionists do not leave any stone empty," he said.
3- He would never leave the world's Muslims to the mercy of the UN and the World Health Organization:
While describing the UN, Erbakan Hodja said, “The United Nations is a Zionist organization. His goal is the establishment and security of Zionist Israel”. For this reason, he would not leave the Muslims of the world to the mercy, instructions, treatment and vaccine protocols of the World Health Organization under the command of the UN, which is a Zionist organization.
4- He would act for 'The World Islamic Health Organization':
As soon as this process started, Erbakan Hodja would immediately contact the leaders of 57 Islamic countries and immediately start working for the establishment of the World Islamic Health Organization. It asks each of these countries to allocate a budget for this organization, and then one of these organizations in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Dhaka, Cairo, Tehran, Abuja, Islamabad, the capitals of the D-8 countries. it would open its center. He would later open the headquarters of the World Islamic Health Organization in Istanbul.
5- Islamic countries would start a joint vaccination study:
Erbakan Hoca would turn Istanbul's largest and most developed hospital into a center for vaccine and virus-related research. In order for Islamic countries to conduct a joint vaccination study, the most famous medical professionals, virus experts, scientists of Islamic countries would gather in this hospital with the instructions of the World Islamic Health Organization and they would start vaccine production in a short time. He would have the mask issue examined in a separate report. It would create a large budget for 57 Islamic countries to financially support these studies.
6- He would mobilize Islamic NGOs around the world:
If he could not find state support for all these works and if he could not get the answer he wanted from Islamic countries, he would not give up again. He would mobilize Islamic civil society organizations in the world, meet with congregations, meet with scholars, visit Islamic countries one by one if necessary, and certainly do whatever attitude is necessary as a Muslim. Because he knew that if Zionism started this process, the other steps would follow one after the other.


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