Abdulkadir Özkan: "According to the government there is no serious problem!"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "According to the government there is no serious problem!"
Date: 9.7.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on ruling AKP. Here is the full article.

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The task of the media is to keep the public informed of the news. While doing this, it should pay attention to the accuracy of the news and should not give negative news or positive news on one side. However, this is not the case in our country. When you look at the pro-government media, the country has no serious problems. Everything is OK. On the other hand, believing in this pink picture drawn by those who sympathize with power,  stopped investigating the real situation of the country. However, at this point, the discourses that “what is happening in the sections that have supported the power for a long time in the past, where we are going, in comparison to all these pink paintings, my livelihood conditions have started to be deteriorating”started to be said.
This dissolution of the AKP base shows that cheating on society is not as easy as it was in the past. Because, on the one hand, while a great amount of the society take a pension of 15-20 thousand liras, on the one side of a significant portion of society is sentenced to an income below the minimum wage. This makes the lives of people increasingly difficult. In fact, 15-20 pounds pensions they receive is not content with the same rates of income, even more than a second fee is reinforced by the fact that our people see, inevitably leads to comparison. In essence, while a large part of the society was crushed under heavy load, compradors started to be formed. While the economic policies applied make the rich richer, that is to say, they produce new millionaires, while the poor become poorer. In short, the majority of the public are crushed under heavy burden. It can be said that power does not knowingly create such a situation. This approach may be correct. In other words, the ruling party does not specifically condemn a section of society to poverty but the policies they implement confirm this result. In this respect, what their intentions are no longer important. Our people are looking at the result. One side is not content with itself and can buy expensive model cars for his wife and child, but if a large part of the public transport is difficult to benefit from, there is no point in being a goodwill anymore.
Because the government imposes the burden of getting rid of the economic situation that has stalemated with the wrong policies. Of course, if the country has a problem, we have to do our part as a society to get rid of this problem. However, while a handful of happy minorities do not feel this distress at all, we have to say that if sacrifice is always required from the ones who have fixed income, there is a mistake, something wrong. When we say this, the rulers should see that it is not possible to convince the society that they live a comfortable life with the pink paintings drawn.
Social discomfort is not just about injustice in income distribution. The gradual weakening of trust in justice is another issue that makes society uneasy. The training was returned to the whiteboard. Each minister is implementing an application of his own. If there is a wrong application in an area, it is the duty of those concerned to correct them. However, it is not only the correction of the mistake, but also the implementation of the above-mentioned decisions to deepen the old mistakes and bring new ones to life.
The impasse in which the country has rolled into foreign policy is no longer overlooked. While the AKP government set out with the claim of zero problems with our neighbors, we became a country has no good relations with any other country and even with our neighbors. Every once in a while resting, the challenges are not corrected with these challenges. This also has deep reflections inside. All this shows that the policies implemented by the government do not benefit but harm the country.


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