Abdulkadir Özkan: "Are Asad and Haftar challenging?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Are Asad and Haftar challenging?"
Date: 17.1.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Syria and Libya. Here is the full article.

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As a result of the agreement reached with Putin, a ceasefire was declared with great hopes in Libya and Syria. Particularly in Syria, the fact that Russia has been with Assad since the beginning, that he has given all kinds of support, and that mercenary soldiers consisting of Russian soldiers in Libya are on Haftar's side at first glance are in favor of the ceasefire in Russia, Syria and Libya. First after meeting with Assad and Haftar, such a decision was taken and a cease-fire in the form of a permanent air in the world. As such, since Russia, Syria and Libya were with them and supported the conflicting parties, such a decision was taken and announced, so it was normal to think that the conflicts would end. Well, at least it was. However, for some reason before Putin as a result of the agreement with the declared safe area of ​​Turkey is expected to be cleaned of terrorist groups, although not decided. Neither the safe zone was cleared of clashes or terrorists, nor is it possible to recall that the regime forces supported by Russia could be adapted to the decision. The same is true for the agreement with the United States not to reflect on the land. In this respect, we can say that the US and Russia are not serious about peace and tranquility in our region, they do not follow the reflection of what they say on the table.
Although the parties came together in Russia to provide a cease-fire in Libya, Haftar leaves the table and Moscow without signing the agreement. However, one of Haftar's supporters in Libya is Russia. Even Russian mercenaries are involved in the clashes in Haftar's ranks. However, Haftar is able to act independently of Russia. The idea of 'as such, the financial interest of their association with Haftar in Libya and Assad in Syria is more effective for Russia than for peace,' comes to mind.
In the meantime, another possibility is that Russia cannot ifluence Assad and Haftar. This can be considered as a serious weakness for Russia. Whatever the reason, it is understood that there is no moral value for the colonists. They seem to have interests that are important to them.
Acting in conjunction with the gain such an understanding can a Turkey? It wouldn't be wrong to say it wasn't so far. Russia, especially the USA, is fed by the conflicts in our region. Therefore, they favor the continuation of these conflicts. It doesn't mean that things are said differently in the plan. Because what is important in this kind of agreement is not what is said but the practices in the field.
At this point, some newspapers yesterday, under "the new massacre in Idlib" news, "the Assad regime and Russian warplanes, this time targeted the hospital and market place. In spite of the ceasefire in Idlib, 15 civilians suffered disastrously. Nearly 100 people were injured," news said. The news reveals the situation with all its nudity, but in return there is no sound from Russia. I mean, there's no investigation into why the ceasefire wasn't followed. The massacre also includes Russian warplanes calling for a cease-fire in Syria. Even if it's called hypocrisy, it's weak. Because there's a massacre, civilians who lost their lives. And Russia is a direct party in this massacre. So Russia is one of the two countries that massacred. In Libya, the cease-fire is dragged into uncertainty with the withdrawal of Haftar. There is also an attitude that does not agree with what Russia says. In this respect, it is not possible to achieve peace on earth by walking with the imperialist countries. This reality seems very clear. As a result, neither Assad nor Haftar take Russia serious or Russia plays doubles.


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