Abdulkadir Özkan: "Are the US, Russia acting in agreement"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Are the US, Russia acting in agreement"
Date: 24.2.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Syria, the US and Russia. Here is the full article.

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For years, the US and Russia were presented to the society as two enemy forces. As a result, society was forced to choose one of the two sides. As a result, our people, especially young people, who were divided into two groups as right and left wing, constantly clashed. Our country was dragged into internal conflict at certain intervals. In the proceedings after the 1980 coup that I reminded about earlier in this corner, the information that a leftwinger was murdered in the morning and a rightwinger murdered in the afternoon with the same gun, had entered the accused files. In other words, those who hit the imperialist powers in the name of rightism and leftism were actually serving it. Many people were able to realize this fact after many years. In other words, when those who believed that they were struggling for the independence of their country in our youth years came back years later, right-wingers faced the fact that they served the US and leftists unknowingly served Russian imperialism. However, it was not easy to see the imperialist alliance in large sections of society. Firstly, my late Erbakan teacher drew attention to this issue. Towards the end of the Second World War, he explained that the USA, Britain and Russia shared the world by dividing it into exploitation areas with the agreements they made. In other words, he emphasized that Islamic countries should first form unity between them in order to be able to get rid of exploitation. As the first step of this, D-8s were established. Against this, the Crusader-Zionist alliance did not remain empty, and with the support of his unfailing supporters inside, they shattered the coalition of that day.
I started writing with the intention to evaluate the latest developments in Syria. But in a newspaper, "Did Moscow and Washington deal?" When I saw the news titled, I needed to draw attention to the fact that the agreement in question was far behind. Because it will not be possible to correctly evaluate the events without taking into account the world exploitation agreement between these imperialist powers. When we look at the issue on the basis of Syria, there is no need to ask whether Russia has reached an agreement with the USA. Because in the news under the title in question, this agreement was clearly laid out. It was briefly said:
"Within the scope of Turkey's Peace Operation Spring goes into action to stop the progress of the United States east of the Euphrates, Vice President and Foreign Minister on October 17 Pence and Pompeo had sent to Ankara. This dual Turkey to the United States, the PKK/YPG in the north of Syria has promised to pull. Thus, the operation was interrupted. Meanwhile, the regime only existed in Qamishli east of the Euphrates. Along with the US, PKK/YPG, there was also a Russian presence here."
"Russia, which had bases in Latakia and Tartus until then, started to base in the east of the Euphrates after the USA delivered the Manbij, Qamishli, Haseke, Ayn al Arab to Russia. Thus, Russia's military power in Syria has increased greatly. The regime, which dominated the entire M5 highway, provided control over the Aleppo-Damascus line. Russia also wants the M4 route to provide logistics in the east."
Meanwhile, the US wanted to bring Turkey in Syria is clearly faced with Russia. Meanwhile, the USA gives full support messages to Ankara against the new picture. It is obvious that believing these messages is not possible against what happened. New negativities that may arise as a result of believing should not be forgotten. Because Russia openly support the Assad regime against Turkey, while the United States also clear that continued support since the same year. Would it be possible for the Assad regime to survive otherwise?


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