Abdulkadir Ozkan: "Bandits should not rule the world"

Abdulkadir Ozkan: "Bandits should not rule the world"
Date: 11.9.2018 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes about Turkey's situation in last period. Here is the full article.

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Once upon a time, in a number of countries, a group of people who wanted to become corrupt, short-lived and wealthy, took their weapons and took them out to the mountains with a few caretakers. They called them bandits shortly. Because they do not take the laws of the country they are in, they judge according to their heads, they act according to their heads. Often these independent states do not last long; and we look at them, they were killed in a fight. So they would pay the price of the bandit with death. However, these bandits have been replaced by bandit states for the past 50 years. They want all the states in the world to be at their command, work for them, win and they eat.
The appearance of a number of bandits in various countries can be attributed to the weakening of the state authority. In other words, a number of types that began to show themselves as stronger in the state dwelt in the mountains, replaced themselves with the state until they showed their state power and hit their heads. These types have diminished over time, but it would be wrong to say that they are completely over. However, countries and the world have gradually escaped from old corpses, but this time they have faced the attitudes and practices of some states that are not different from corruption. As a result, nothing much has changed about lawlessness.
Whether they are individual or in the state plan, they need to see a strong authority in meeting the bandits in order to end the banditry. Because the bandits walk in the square as long as they think they are stronger than their counterparts. When they see a stronger one, or a state, they cease to have an airspeed, and they sail down. In this respect, the air of the imperialist powers trying to shape the world as they want to the world needs to see a collective of states meet for the end. The way is going through the Islamic Union. Because bandits usually target Muslim countries and Muslims, they are constantly shooting them, killing their people.
I think I've been in this corner before. I want to convey the fact that I personally changed the attitude of the bandits in the face of power.
In a neighborhood of Ankara, where I lived for many years, there were some types in which everyone was afraid and hated of them and did not want to deal with them. Where there was a fight, one of them would surely be in that case. One of these types, one afternoon, went into a packed neighborhood chapel and said, "Heyyt, do you have a side view?" When the Kahvedi thought he would not be given back, one of the distant tallies would have thrown a local hill, playing cards with his friends, standing up and saying, What will it be?" Where the end of the work of the Kahveda is going to worry about, there is a new silence. After a short silence, this time, everybody who drinks coffee tries to go to the side of the opponent who is against him (this is the bandit that you are supposed to be in), and then he goes to the corpses. The victim breathes comfortably because the event prevents such an undesirable event from developing. At every opportunity, the bully who challenges and challenges the environment where there is no one to oppose him, either does not enter the environment where the person who challenges him in the following years either enters or abandons silently. In this case it shows that the bandits only understand the power. The way in which the world is liberated from some of the bandits is also the fear of these bratwursts, instead of creating a cry for power. As long as this can not be done, the wrongdoers will continue to launch bombs on the schools, hospitals as it is in Syria.


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