Abdulkadir Özkan: "Building a New World"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Building a New World"
Date: 10.4.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on building a new world order. Here is the full article.

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The opposition of the US and the EU countries toward Turkey is not new. We can say that even when the relations are at their best, the US has always been hostile against Turkey. The Crusaders always stand with each other. When the case is the Islamic world and Israel, they took sides by Israel. On behalf of Cyprus, the US took part in Greece. When the Greeks in Cyprus started a massacre against Turks, the Prime Minister of that time, Ismet Inonu decided to intervene in Cyprus to prevent the massacres. The ships were set out with the decision. Howver, the US President Jonson wote a letter asking for the abandonment of intervention to Inonu. Then the ships returned.  Thereupon, Inonu’s famous statement of “A new world is established, and Turkey takes place there” is famous. Since then, no one other than the late Erbakan Hodja has taken into action to establish a new world. He also blocked with a hand with a team of collobarotaros in there. 
At this point, it is clearly seen that the hostile attitude of the US and the EU is not only for Turkey but nourishes the same feelings against the whole Islamic world. If this is not the case, would there be a constant Muslim massacre in various corners of the world and would the Islamic world struggle with the terrorist organizations used as a set of tongs?
To see clearly what we say, it is enough to take a look at the news that is reflected in newspapers in just one day.  For example, the US President Trump announced his intention in a few days  and described the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. However, the Revolutionary Guards are officially the military power of a state. In this case, doesn’t it mean that the proclamation of Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization and the proclamation of Iran as a state of terror mean to hide that they are the bases of terror? Obviously, a new excuse is being made to shoot Iran. Libya is split in two. And they are not satisfied with that, the continous internal conflicts are fueling. I think that there is no need to say who had Libya like this. Sudan is divided by the hand of the Crusaders especially by the hand of the Church Union but they are not satisfied with this. They’re constantly mixing, supporting internal conflicts. Meanwhile occupation, the US and EU countries have been supporting the Palestin occupation of Israel since the establishment of themselves. I think that Netanyahu’s last statement, “we will do the West Bank’s annexation with the US coordinated.”words will not require any clarity. When this explanation is considered together with Trump’s announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and then, the announcement of Golan Heights which belong to occupied Syria as the belonging of Israel, I think that it is clearly seen that the case is anti-Islamic hostility. In the meanwhile, when it is considered that the US has armed the terrorist organizations in Syria for years and virtually forming a land force from terrorists ,seeing of  the US and its allies the Islamic world as their only enemy becomes clear. In spite of all this, the fact that the US is mentioned as a friend and ally shows that there is no intention to establish a new world.
It is worth mentioning two brief news about the EU.
The first news took place under the title of “Turkey’s EU membership process should be stopped completely.” Italian Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior together with the representatives of the far-right parties from Germany, Finland and Denmark are saying this at a joint press conference before the European Parliament elections. However, Turkey still sees EU membership as a goal to be achieved. 
Under these circumstances, obviously, the rulers of this country do not need to establish a new world. We persistently condemn our country to be wandering around the US and the EU. However, there is a need to establish a new world in order to prevent the treachery of the Crusader-Zionist alliance and to minimize this.


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