Abdulkadir Özkan: "Change the agenda, let the problems end!"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Change the agenda, let the problems end!"
Date: 3.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkey's agenda. Here is the full article.

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While it was not on the agenda, after the last cabinet meeting, President Erdogan said, "It is time to discuss the new constitution," saying that all the problems of the country were put aside and a new agenda was put in front of the society. Let me state right away that I have no objection to the discussion of the new constitution. However, is constitutional change the primary problem right now? If the constitutional change is to be discussed, what are the views of the ruling parties on this issue? Isn't it AK Party and MHP that will bring the last word, more precisely the constitutional amendment, to the agenda of the Assembly and even put the people to the vote? As such, they should first prepare their proposals and present them to both the nation and other political parties so that they can express their views.
As for why I said this, the primary problem of the country at the moment is not constitutional change, but there are things that can be done without the need for constitutional change and the problems of society. For example, one of the primary problems of the country is the fight against the epidemic. Because there are still many issues that the society does not know clearly. Consequently, there have been serious losses in education for two years, there is absolutely no remaining equality, it has been recently realized that our children in these areas cannot benefit from distance education because there is no internet access in many village schools, although two terms have been left behind in education. For this, it was decided to start face-to-face education in village schools on February 15th. It has been announced that face-to-face training will start in the 8th and 12th grades as of March 1. As such, face-to-face education will be initiated in village schools, but this is not possible in cities. However, since it is an exam year, face-to-face education of 8th and 12th grades will be initiated as of March 1, at least to ensure that students in these classes are prepared for exams. However, despite the end of the second half of the last academic year and the first academic year of this academic year, the students have not been able to train face to face. As such, it would not be wrong to say that the school year spent in education and this academic year turned into lost years.
I am not repeating all of this to do disaster. However, the trial-and-error method is still valid in education, as in all areas of the country's administration. A decision is made and implemented, and after a while, the application is abandoned, seeing that it is either not possible to implement or even if it is implemented, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained.
Well, is the only problem with the uncertainty in my ethics caused by the epidemic and epidemic? In addition, large masses are seriously struggling with poverty. In addition, new unemployed people are joining the existing army of unemployed due to the closed workplaces. Despite all this, although the government is taking some steps, it is seen that these steps are very insufficient. Against all this, the ruling spokespersons paint rosy pictures, and they act like the country does not have a serious problem. Nowadays, it is as if the existing problems will be swept under the carpet by opening the constitutional amendment to discussion. However, the problems have become so disturbing at this point that it will not be possible to overlook the problems with a change in the agenda. Moreover, there is no need for a constitutional amendment to solve the problems we have been trying to raise from above. Because these problems arise not because of the constitution, but because of wrong practices.


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