Abdulkadir Özkan: "Confession of the known from the USA"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Confession of the known from the USA"
Date: 6.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the U.S. policy in Middle East. Here is the full article.

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It was not an unknown issue that the US approval and support was behind the coups in our country and in our region. On the one hand, I do not think there is anyone who does not know that the US and EU countries which do not leave their advocacy of human rights and freedoms to anyone in the world are supporting coup plotters and terrorist organizations when it comes to implementation. In this respect, it is known that the countries, which we can briefly describe as the Crusader alliance, have the right of all human rights and freedoms, but they act with the understanding that societies with different colors and beliefs cannot have these rights. For example, when you remember to what extent racism has reached in the USA, is it possible to think that such a country will bring freedom and democracy to the countries under its influence? However, with their propaganda power, they present all their negativities and their love of coups to the world in a guise of freedom.
Another aspect of the work is that in countries like ours, coups are presented with the claim that they were made to bring democracy and freedom to those societies. However, it will not be possible for societies to bring freedom and democracy together against coups and to explain such a claim with reason and logic. Since such allegations only serve the interests of the colonialists, the US administration does not see any harm in declaring that the putschists are at the command of the United States at the point reached, and Biden states that the US supports the coups and the coup plotters in the new National Security Strategy that has been declared, "First. diplomacy, soldiers are the last resort, ”he says. In other words, he clearly states that he will support the coups and putschists for US interests in Biden like the past administrators.
In fact, this statement was a statement that there will be no change in the main line of the foreign policy that the USA has been pursuing for many years. This situation shows that there will be no change in the colonialism of this country if there is a president from which party is in the USA. The only thing that has changed is that while the coup plotters have been trying to cover their march in arm in arm with some covers, we see that they do not need a cover from now on. This is an indication that the cowboy understanding continues today.
According to the National Security Strategy Document announced by the Biden administration, although the United States is said to focus on the Pacific Region and Europe in military terms and reduce troops in the Middle East, when we look at the events in recent months, the statement that there will be no change in the US foreign policy, neither in the Pacific Region nor in the Middle East. only our region is intended to numb the country administrations. Because Biden announced in his statements that he would reduce his military presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, but there was no action in this direction, especially in our region, the US military support to terrorist organizations increased rapidly, and the Crusader-Zionist alliance was There is no change in his approach. If there will be a change, the USA will continue to use the forces of the terrorist organizations and terrorists in the region as ground power instead of reaching out to fire in our region. This will not mean that the USA will withdraw from our region or decrease its power. The statement made only shows that the USA does not mind expressing its arrogance openly.


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