Abdulkadir Özkan: "Crusader alliance against the Islamic world"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Crusader alliance against the Islamic world"
Date: 20.8.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Islamic world. Here is the full article.

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Considering the events in the world and the news reflected in the media, it can be easily seen that the Crusader-Zionist alliance formed a friendly-looking enemy alliance against the Islamic world. However, they do not find it difficult to find a set of tongs among some armchair lovers in Muslim countries. As such, it is necessary to see these collaborators before those who form the Crusader-Zionist alliance and ask them to account. In addition, sometimes described as a terrorist organization; From time to time, a number of agents tasked with pitting Muslims against each other are employed. We can say that by prioritizing the alliance in question to pite Muslims against each other, they prevent Muslims from uniting in this way. They know that the unity that will form in the Islamic world will block the colonialist Crusaders. Because they only understand power.
Those who cause strife among Muslims, who cause them to exhaust their power by confronting them in this way, do not do this in secret and without hitting anyone. Because they don't need it. For example, it is not difficult to see that the murders of terrorist organizations that emerged under various names in the Islamic world only served the Crusader-Zionist alliance. Why do some people appear in the name of Islam while this fact is obvious, then they take it upon themselves to kill Muslims. If they do not see the conflicts of the organizations sufficient, this time they are trying to bring Islamic countries against each other. They try every way for this.
For example, they fuel some differences in understanding, they scratch some of the past conflict issues. A few days ago in a newspaper, "Arabs, Iran and Turkey no longer sees the enemy" under the heading of news, for example, it posed the end of it. By the way, one of the most frequently used methods is to bring Iran and other Muslim countries face to face. However, one of the tactics frequently used by the Crusader-Zionist alliance against Iran is that they try to prevent them from coming side by side by fueling the conflicts between Islamic countries, especially some sectarian differences.
By the way, one of the tactics they most frequently resort to is their efforts to make racial differences a cause of conflict in the Islamic world. This fact in recent days late, "Arabs, Iran and Turkey no longer sees the enemy!" The article under the headline clearly showed the approach of the Crusader-Zionist alliance on this issue. Especially the embargoes and attacks imposed against some Muslim countries that they feel uncomfortable with are also forcing other Muslim countries to take their side, for instance, rather than being unable to afford Iran, it is to trigger long-lasting conflicts between Muslim countries.
At this point, a few days ago in one of our newspaper, while the news under the heading "The USA seized 4 tankers carrying oil from Iran" is primarily an indication of the US banditry, some administrators who still do not want to see this reality still declared the USA as friends and allies. If they do, we must first question ourselves before the Crusader-Zionist alliance. As long as this truth cannot be seen, Muslim countries will be divided into new pieces and made into easy donuts. There is nothing hidden about the plan, which is presented as the Great Middle East Project, that it is a project to extract new states from the countries in the region. As a result, the only friend of the Islamic world can be Muslims. Otherwise, countries will continue to become the easy bite of the Crusaders, either voluntarily or weakly.


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