Abdulkadir Özkan: "Daesh excuse, continuing to support YPG"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Daesh excuse, continuing to support YPG"
Date: 24.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the U.S. policy on Middle East and Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The atmosphere, which is made as if the enemy of the country is the opposition, it is understood that some problems are aimed at ignoring the society. For example, while it is necessary to act shoulder to shoulder with the power and opposition against the U.S. which is sails under false colors against our country, for some reason the political style is constantly hardened by the government, almost always reflecting the state of fighting. As such, it is not possible to discuss the problems and search for solutions. In order to explain my purpose, it will be enough to quote the titles of the two news in yesterday's newspapers and to make a short excerpt.
The first of the news in question was in the media under the heading of "US support statement to YPG". The content of the news briefly said:
"Colonel Wayne Marotto, the spokesman of the international coalition force established against the terrorist organization Daesh, stated that they will continue to support the umbrella organization SDF, which includes the YPG/PKK. US Colonel Marotto, “The mission of the international coalition against Daesh in Northeast Syria has not changed. Coalition forces are working together with their partner SDF to defeat Daesh," he said.
After the Biden administration took office, the aid of 240 trucks of ammunition from the US to the YPG caused Turkey to react."
It is clearly seen in the news that the USA continues and will continue to act together with terrorist organizations in Syria. This means that terrorist activities against our country will increasingly continue.
The second news was in a newspaper under the headline "America's eyes are on the throats". The article was summarized as follows:
"The USA, which has accumulated large amounts of weapons in Alexandroupolis, 40 km away from our border, using NATO exercises as an excuse, is also trying to bypass the Turkish straits with its bases in Bulgaria and Romania."
"There will be a second joint exercise between Greece and the USA in Western Thrace. 145 helicopters and hundreds of military vehicles belonging to the US army, which will come to Alexandroupolis with cargo ships, will be used in the exercise targeting Turkey."
I find it useful to cite another news that summarizes the USA's association with terrorist organizations in our region:
The headline of the article was "The terrorist organization wants to bring the weapons given by the USA to Turkey". Its content is as follows:
"The weapons given by the USA on the pretext of fighting Daesh and the terrorists trained in the camp are sent to Turkey for bloody actions. The security forces, who take strict measures in the region, do not allow PKK terrorists to pass."
Of course, Turkey , as a state, is aware of some of the attitudes displayed around us. In particular, it knows the purpose of enemies in friendly pots like the USA. Moreover, although the USA seems to offer friendship with some excuses, its hostility has no longer been hidden. As such, the government must create a joint action with the opposition to find and present solutions to the events. Otherwise, making an atmosphere as if the opposition parties are the cause of our country's problems will not be the solution to the problem. In the meantime, if some politicians are after some hostility that the society does not know, the state should be asked to account for this without delay. The duty of politicians should not be to blame and convict in their own way. The institutions that will ask to account for this are certain. The institutions do not take a step, if the people and parties declared as terrorists entered the elections and then took place in the parliament, the security forces and the judiciary should take action against them. This should also happen spontaneously. Otherwise, action should not be taken with the shouting of the rulers. As a result, all politicians have a duty to overcome the problems of our country.


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