Abdulkadir Özkan: "Doesn't the US know about the weapons going to the terrorists?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Doesnt the US know about the weapons going to the terrorists?"
Date: 7.2.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes about US policy on Syria. Here is the full article.

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Whatever it’s called, are there any differences between being a terror organization and being together with terror organizations, providing weapons to them? Is it right to be of the same mind with them? Another question that instantly comes to our minds is; if the US withdraw its support from terror organizations, can these organizations maintain their existence in our region? I think, everyone who knows the essence of the matter will give the answer, “they can’t maintain.” In this way, if we are fighting against terrorist organizations for 35 years as a country, does this not mean that we are fighting against the US at the same time? In short, if tens of thousands truckloads of weapons are transmitted to terror organizations, aren’t the ones who transmit them as much responsible as the US?Moreover,would it bewrong to describe the US as aterrorist disguised as astate?
Inthe light ofthese questions,while our country isstruggling with terror organizations on one hand and while we come frequently side by side and cooperate with the US on the other hand, doesn’t it mean that we come side by side with the terror organizations at the same time? In other words, while the US is still playing a trick to protect terrorists and while this truth is known by our administrations and is frequently uttered, is there a logical explanation about why there is still cooperation with the US?
I want to come to the main matter without extending the word. With Erdoğan, the head of Justice and Development (AK Party) in the first place, all AKP administrations say at every opportunity that the HDP (Peoples Democratic Party) is an extension of the terror organization. This qualification isn’t wrong either. While this facts is known, is the desire to fight against terrorism side by side with the US, which has built, aggrandized and armed from the beginning a lighter misapprehension? Besides, the cooperation of the US and the terror organization is directly conducted without any intermediary. While it’s so, isn’t Turkey conducting the same struggle with the US as it do with terror organizations? The essence of the matter is this. Under these circumstances, while some parties in Turkey that call for an election are being accused for cooperating with the terror organization extension HDP, even are qualified that such an attitude is linking arms with the terror organization, is the location of the US a lighter action? Let me just say that it’s impossible to root away terror organizations by cooperating with the US. This truth is also known by the rulers of this country. However, should not only the terrorist supporter US, but also the ones who called others directly the political extension of terror organizations in the past and who accused the ones who came incidentally side by side with the terror organization in the election bus as cooperating with terror organizations review their own movements? Furthermore, can there a healthy explanation be made of the characterization of the US, the shied of the terror organization as a strategic allied? Moreover, wasn’t there a side to be questioned about making the İmralı Island a waterway under the name of resolution process and that hereby the members of the party that is an extension of the terror organization stand between the state and terror ringleader by visiting the Island?
In short, what is presenting each movement of the members of power as heroism and qualifying the electoral alliance that is tried to make by some parties as infidelity if it isn’t inciting the society against each other, and transforming this into votes?
Another point that I will try to draw attention at this point is that if a party that has the right to enter the elections within the constitution and laws is considered as an extension of the terrorist organization and is painted with the same brush as the terrorist organization, how will the same people who had voted for this party accuse the voters who will vote for this party again in the elections? Because voting for a party means liking that party, justifying what it says. Therefore, at least from now on, shouldn’t it be renounced to dedifferentiate every party that has rights to go for an election as a terror organization?


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