Abdulkadir Özkan: "Facts contradict what is said"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Facts contradict what is said"
Date: 10.2.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the recent events in Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Rulers of countries refrain from discourses that will make societies hopeless and pessimistic. However, while keeping the rhetoric of the rulers in the same line in order not to send peoples to pessimism, the problems of the individuals should also be resolved. If this is not done, if you continue to draw pink paintings all the time, it may cause serious social explosions and troubles for the citizen when the end of the road is seen. Of course, nobody wants it. However, if serious steps are not taken to prevent unwanted matters, it is usually attempted to remedy the rich, and if the living conditions of the lower income groups are maintained, what is said by the facts of life has started to contradict.
We know that our country has been exposed to some natural disasters especially recently. And it is natural that they have separate invoices. In such moments, running to the aid of our people, who first denied their lives due to disaster, is a priority issue not only for the rulers but also for our nation. Already, after every disaster, our people act instantly and share what they have with their brothers who are exposed to disaster voluntarily. This is a clear indication that we, as the nation, are engaged in times of trouble.
Managers draw pink tables at every opportunity, say that everything is fine, they say that inflation figures will decrease to 5 percent and they expect growth to be 5 percent. If they add the good news that interest rates will drop, then why 50 percent of retirees still receive salaries below the minimum wage in this country? he has the right to ask.
If it is stated that the lowest salary of the retired worker is 1,263 lira in the news reflected in the newspapers, it means there is a mistake either in what is said or in the news reflected in the media. Let me quickly state that the lowest worker pension of 1.263 lira is almost half the minimum wage, which is really thought-provoking, and this figure should miss the managers' sleep. Meanwhile, the lowest retirement pension is 1,539 lira, the lowest civil servant retirement salary is 2,569 lira indicates that these people are forced to work despite their retirement, if they can find it. However, after retirement for many years, shouldn't retirees have a time frame with their grandchildren? At this point, it is possible to explain why the salaries of retirees could not be brought to a level where they can live decently, because social security institutions have come to the point of bankruptcy due to early retirement. However, retirees are not responsible for this. As a result of the arrangements made by some political staff from past to present, the opportunity to retire at the age of 40-45. It is necessary to find a solution to this, but people who have completed the number of insured days ordered by the law, so that we will find a solution, have avoided retirement. Because pensions of especially insured employees are very low. However, continuing to work also reduces the pension to be paid in the future. It has come to a point that if the insured continue to work to fill the specified age, they decrease the pension to be paid every year they work. It is not possible for them to sit at home if they do not continue. Because an income is needed to make a living. In other words, only employees have to pay the invoices of the problems caused by political powers. There must be a solution for this. A solution should be found so that people do not have to work to survive when they retire. Because this situation also prevents our young people who will be taken to life. As a result, youth unemployment is over 25 percent.


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