Abdulkadir Özkan: "How do we believe them?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "How do we believe them?"
Date: 13.2.2020 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Syrian problem. Here is the full article.

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As a result of the failure of the agreements made in previous meetings with the USA and Russia about Syria, and more precisely, the promises made could not be prevented the conflicts in Syria, and paved the way for the regime forces. The Syrian regime, as being sure that the US and Russia, will not have the responsibility towards Turkey, had its own attacks on our military has developed a new move. In short, it is now clear to see that the reconciliations with the USA and Russia have been wasted, and that they have taken the courage to attack our observation points, especially from this hypocritical attitude of Russia.
A delegation came to Ankara to discuss the latest situation in a hurry after President Erdogan declared that we would have to cut our core ourselves after the attack of the regime forces twice at short intervals to our observation points. However, there was no result from the negotiations. Because Turkey is back on the Russian delegation before clearing a result of the emergence of terrorist and Syria on the creation of safe zones. A Russian delegation to Turkey in the team this time obviously has preferred to distraction by round words, it will be money not find the back in Moscow that, immediately after the Putin-Erdogan calls of going to Moscow's delegation was held. It occurred but it is understood the explanations seem to have opted instead to protect the Syrian Putin Turkey. Actually, there is nothing surprising about this. It consists of a new reflection of the known Russian foreign policy. As a result, what appears to be precise now is that it is no longer possible to trust Russia.
In the meantime, what a coincidence, have made the Russian delegation to the first round of talks in Ankara, but when not taken such a result came Jeffrey from the US this time and said, "We want to support Turkey," a statement said. What that means we want to give support to Turkey. If you want to support, you will be done. Obviously, one also wants to support the United States and Turkey are preventing it. So, there are those who hold their hands. Obviously, there are no people holding hands, but their interests require them to behave like this. Whatever the reason is, perhaps they want to increase their bargaining power. In this respect, as I have emphasized yesterday, country managers should not see this situation clearly and come back to the game more than ordinary citizens. As we have said from time to time, when we sit at the table with these countries, we should not trust the promises and signatures they make. Because every trust brings a new deception to the agenda. It is not possible to compensate for the damage caused by these deceptions most of the time.
I want to end my article by conveying a message sent by my strong reader Fikri Şeker brother. The message is exactly like this:
"US representatives James Jeffrey 'We support Turkey in Idlib,' he says."
"The dead of winter knocked on the door."
"The dead of winter says to the people inside 'open the door, I brought you straw for you to warm up, you get hot'.
The insiders said, "Don't take our straw and go, let your straw be yours."
Apparently, it is necessary to look at the support request of the USA and Russia for Syria regarding the issue, but not in every aspect as in this paragraph. Because whenever his words are trusted, we came back from the path we took, we took back the step we took.


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