Abdulkadir Özkan: "Invaders can't be our frineds"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Invaders cant be our frineds"
Date: 21.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on world U.S. and Russia. Here is the full article.

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First of all, it is useful to remind that the invaders will not be friends with the invaders, and the invaders are powered by the tongs. The fact that the occupiers, knowingly or unknowingly, are evaluated as friends and allies causes the occupation of the occupied countries to be invisible. Otherwise, the invaders would not be permanent in any country for many years. Meanwhile, the fact that the invaders and colonists support each other in order to consolidate their dominance in the world also causes the peoples of the world to be mistaken. Because if a country is occupied by Russia, after a while, Russia can leave its place to the USA and its allies. Thus, occupied Afghanistan is freed from the Russian occupation, but the occupation does not end with the withdrawal of Russia. Instead of an invader going, another invader comes. Sadly, it doesn't matter what the occupant's name is. The invaders have shared the world among themselves, and he thinks he will escape the invasion by taking shelter under the wing of another invader, scared by one.
The occupation of a country is not carried out under the name of occupation. Often times, countries are occupied either to save them from their dictators or to bring democracy and freedom. But after all, the occupation continues. Sometimes these occupations are not carried out by foreign soldiers. A country can become the domain of an invader, especially with the coup of the pro-coup plotters. Because it may not be necessary to occupy a country directly, which is important for colonists and invaders. Doing this work with tongs can be cheaper for colonists.
It will be useful to evaluate what we have said with examples from our recent history and our neighbors. Afghanistan was effectively occupied by Russia towards the end of the 1970s. I remember well; When we talked about this issue with the communists in our country, they argued that Russia was not an invader in Afghanistan, it was there to protect it from the US invasion. In other words, the invaders have no trouble finding followers. Eventually, Russia withdrew from Afghanistan and was replaced by US soldiers under the name of NATO force. As a result, the occupation continues, the occupier has changed.
Not long after, Iraq was occupied. This time, the USA became the first occupier. It was said that the Iraqi people will be liberated from the Saddam dictatorship, and that democracy and freedom will come to Iraq. All these years have passed, neither democracy nor freedom came to Iraq, nor the occupation ended. Military bases are still being created. Mohammed Morsi, who came to power with the votes of the people in Egypt, was overthrown by a coup by Masha Sisi. With Sisi, Egypt has come under the control of the USA and Israel.
Libya and Syria have also been mixed as a result of the Great Middle East Project, which is based on ensuring the security of Israel in our region. As a result, the USA and Russia dominated Libya and Syria. They are now looking to share their Syrian and Libyan oil. They continue this sharing without any problems as a result of the agreement between the two occupations.
The last situation in two countries is that Russia supports the rebel Haftar by sending mercenaries, this does not disturb the USA, whereas the USA is reinforcing troops in Syria. However, there were reports that the USA was withdrawing some of its troops in Iraq and Syria recently. In short, the game of occupation continues. As such, it would not be wrong to say once again that there is no point in making friends with the invaders.


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