Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is it possible to wait for the USA to be embarrassed?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is it possible to wait for the USA to be embarrassed?"
Date: 23.6.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on The U.S. Here is the full article.

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We often try to draw attention to the terrorist protector the United States and its presence alongside with terrorist organizations. We are tired of reminding these hostile attitudes over and over again, but it seems that the US will not get tired of this. Of course, even though waiting for this terror to be tired of loveliness and even embarrassment seems like a natural behavior to man, when the attitude of the USA since its foundation is remembered, they have nothing to do with shame or not,
It would not be wrong to say that only the interests of the USA are determined by all their reactions and discourses. Yesterday I tried to draw attention in writing the United States and Syria immediately after the same day stance on Libya, this time in Turkey's northern stop the Claw Operation carried out in Iraq against terrorism, urging the Foreign Ministry made a statement in disgrace and PKK propaganda qualified as. Although this qualification is correct, it will not be wrong to remind once again that it is not possible to expect a different attitude from the USA.
In addition, whenever the TAF took action to clear terrorist organizations from our borders in Syria and started to achieve successful results, the calls of Russia and some EU countries, led by the USA, to stop the operation of the TSK and discuss the issue at the table, took place several times, but each time. I reminded yesterday the fact that only terrorist organizations were served to breathe, and despite the promises, terrorists were not cleared from our border. It was as if our Ministry of Foreign Affairs was rightly deserved that the U.S. International Religious Freedom Commission asked for the urgent ending of the Operation Claw-Eagle and Claw Tiger against the PKK in Northern Iraq, as if to confirm what we wrote.
Especially the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hami Aksoy, said, “It is a shame to ignore the PKK / YPG / PYD's persecution of the people of the region and criticize our struggle. We do not accept being terroristed by the terrorist organization. ” Our Washington Ambassador Serdar Kılıç also said, “You were experiencing dead silence while YPG / PKK killed hundreds of civilians in Syria. Your selective morality is immoral. Shame on you, ”reacted with the words. When the explanations are carefully read, the emphasis is on the US hypocrisy that we are trying to draw attention to.
These reactions are appropriate reactions. However, this attitude of the USA has nothing unknown and surprising. It is important to care across the United States and Turkey this hypocritical attitude should our enemies do. However, if this hypocrisy is decided to act with this country in Libya despite the misconceptions we have faced due to our association with the USA, then there is something wrong. Because it is no longer an unknown side that acted as a friend of Turkey in our region terrorists appearing alongside the United States. After our relations with the United States, Turkey's lucrative exit is not in question.
Even if there is no obvious harm, a disappointment in the two has psychological consequences. It is wrong to perceive a country that has hostility rather than such friendship as indispensable. Despite the damage we have faced with the USA, if we have to be together, this needs to be explained to the society. Of course, nobody wants our country to suffer greater losses. However, if the terrorist organization members are posing arm in arm, just beyond our borders, and beyond that, it is necessary to make a definitive decision that those who want this will not be friends and allies.


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