Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is Russia with us in Syria and Libya?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is Russia with us in Syria and Libya?"
Date: 10.6.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Russia and Turkey. Here is the full article.

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As soon as we look at the title, the question may arise whether Russia does not appear with us in Syria and Libya, but whether the USA is with us. It is also natural for such a problem to come to mind. In this respect, Syria and burned in a year when they gave us good image in Libya, at the same time they take a stand against us, beyond that, let me say that they are making moves to stumbling steps taken by Turkey. I will emphasize mainly Russia in the content of my article, but in the meantime, I will emphasize that the USA has not given up its plan to create a Kurdish state especially in Syria.
This is followed by detection of Turkey on the one hand that hit Russia in Syria, especially in the air while on patrol around Idlib Idlib, I want to remind you of civilians lost their lives in this attack. This attitude of Russia appeared under different headlines in newspapers. One of them, while being given with the title "Violation of Ceasefire in Idlib", was said as follows:
"At least 3 civilians lost their lives and 3 people were injured as a result of more than 20 air attacks carried out by Russian warplanes on the settlement and front lines."
"After 14 war planes sent to Russia to support the putschist Hafter, Russia is now sending terrorist groups in Syria to Libya."
I think this news will be enough to show that even just across the street from Turkey, Russia, Syria and Libya. In another news in the printed and visual media in the past days, it was said that some countries in the province of Hafter started calling for a ceasefire in the face of the progress of state forces in Libya:
"Hafter impact on pulse pounding of Turkey supported Libyan army and the terrorists began to fall apart after Russia, UAE, Italy, France and Germany began to press for a ceasefire. The journalist forces aim to both save Hafter and make a new plan for the future with a ceasefire."
Meanwhile, another news in the media stated that the US is continuing its efforts to establish a Kurdish state in Syria. While the news on the subject was under the heading "Barzani model to terrorist organization PKK/YPG", it was summarized as follows:
"The most critical period has started in Syria since 2011. Negotiations began between the Syrian National Kurdish Council and the Democratic Syrian Forces, where the terrorist organization PKK/YPG is the core."
"The negotiations are supported by the Barzani family of the Kurdish Regional Government of the USA, France, Russia and Iraq. A delegation headed by US Special Representative to Syria William Robak attended the meetings. These meetings were followed by a delegation of the French Foreign Affairs."
There were also details in the news. However, I think this is enough to detect the event.
Meanwhile, the statements about Libya and the events in Syria reveal a complete Crusader alliance. In this respect, a Crusader-Zionist alliance can easily be formed in the international relations, but an alliance with the Muslims cannot always be formed. Alliances that are thought to have been formed from time to time are only aimed at protecting the interests of the Crusaders and Zionists. As such, it is noteworthy that while the Muslims are always damaged in this kind of relations, the Crusader-Zionist plans continue. Already, developments in Syria and Libya show this fact once again.


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