Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is the EU just now became Crusader alliance?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is the EU just now became Crusader alliance?"
Date: 31.8.2020 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on European Union. Here is the full article.

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From time to time, one feels that the struggle and suffering to tell the truth is being wasted. Why do people in this country have such difficulty understanding each other despite speaking the same language? "Are we having trouble understanding each other, or do we not want to understand?" maybe the right side of the matter. Of course, we cannot know anyone's heart. In this respect, I guess it is more correct to think that we cannot understand rather than we do not want to understand. If we really do not want to understand each other, it would not be wrong to say that the understanding of justice and justice will never be established in this country. Such a situation is really disturbing. Because nobody wants their thoughts to be questioned from the moment the ears are clogged. Everyone goes after their own truth. This constantly raises mistakes and deceit. As such, our country turns to the trial board, especially in foreign relations.
Without further ado, after the meeting held by the EU countries, Merkel's statements; in the face of increasingly hardening of relations between Greece and Turkey, they will support the Greece, seems to have disappointed the EU lovers in our country. In particular, members of power suddenly realized that the European Union was a Crusader alliance. I do not know if they understood or did they realize the justification of those who spent their lives saying that the EU has been a Crusader alliance for years. However, we do not know if they started to think about this aspect of the work because of the disappointment they experienced in the EU's pro-Greek attitude, but the late Erbakan Hodja explained his life that the EU and all members of the Crusader mentality will not benefit our country. Of course, there were others who said that the EU was a Crusader alliance. However, those who have been in the seat of power for many years often made statements such as "We have not given up on our goal of EU full membership" in order to unjust Erbakan, with whom he has been in politics for years. Such statements after the EU that we are also a Crusader alliance, they would not take the call and then wait at the door to Turkey, we repeat this truth that you no longer need everyone to see.
There were also occasional roars at the unacceptable attitude of the EU. However, these roars were always short-lived. In parallel with the roar, a move to review our relations with the EU was / could not be made. For example, no steps were taken, such as the withdrawal of our full membership application. In short, there was no need to question our admiration for the EU. Duyulmayın think we will not abandon our idea of ​​what we do let Turkey door pushed to act more brazenly EU. In this regard, I think the main reason behind Greece's every chance of stretching the EU's relations with Turkey would not be wrong to say that this Crusader mindset.
When talking about the Crusader alliance, we should not think that the event is limited to the European Union. The Crusaders have not abandoned Islam and Islamophobia for centuries. It should not be forgotten that this Crusader understanding was behind those who led the Greeks to Anatolia in the War of Independence. In short, the Crusaders' view of us has never changed throughout history. However, for some reason, we always tried to keep the Western (Crusader) admiration alive. As such, we considered it almost a duty to wait at the door of those who did not let us in. This encouraged the Crusaders.


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