Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is the Mediterranean far from us, close to the US?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Is the Mediterranean far from us, close to the US?"
Date: 13.6.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on latest Mediterranean developments. Here is the full article.

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The Greek Cypriots by signing a number of agreements almost trying to keep Turkey away from Eastern Mediterranean. The Greek Cypriot Administration does not show this arrogance with relying on its strength. Because they know that 24 hours will be enough to bring their minds to their heads. They've seen this in the past.
They show this arrogance primarily because of the support they receive from the US and some EU countries. The question why the US and some EU countries support the Greek Cypriot Administration has two answers. The first is to take a share of the natural gas and oil to be found in the Eastern Mediterranean. Some agreements have already been signed for this. Secondly, as it is known in almost every aspect of the Crusader alliance formed against Turkey it is a natural reflex.
The objective of all these developments, we tried to exert influence in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is desired to be usurped our rights in the Mediterranean and Turkey is striving to keep away from here. At this point, the Deputy Undersecretary of the US State Department, Palmer, "Eastern Mediterranean, a series of strategic interests of the United States and a significant partner" in the form of the statement that will be enough to show where the Greek Cypriots take courage.  If this was not the case, how would they have dared to make an arrest warrant for our ship's personnel in the Eastern Mediterranean.
In particular, I want to emphasize a point. The arrogance exhibited is that the ugliness is not limited to the Greek Cypriot side, but that the US has interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. When I saw this statement, I came up with the question which i took for the headline, “Is the Mediterranean far from us, close to the US?” Because as Turkey trying to be kept away from the Mediterranean and the underground riches,it is said in the official mouth that "the US has strategic interests in the Eastern Mediterranean". This statement reminds me of the sentence that if the US has strategic interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey must have domain there.
If I give a short excerpt from Palmer's statement, I think the reason for the US interest in the Eastern Mediterranean will be clear:
“We are looking at the Eastern Mediterranean as a region where there are new hydrocarbon resources and increasing importance in terms of energy resources.”
Palmer, meanwhile, says the US is not looking for a base on the island like France. However, he explains that they do not need a base on the island by mentioning that there are country's 10 warships, 130 warplanes and about 9 thousand soldiers. Meanwhile, he may also be intimidating.
All of these explanations also shows that Turkey has no sense of friendship wait a country from the Crusaders, such an expectation is doomed to result in error. If they have made a battleground of the Mediterranean come remotely 10 thousand kilometers and its strategic interests and that the Turkey of at least they are not afraid to say what they do to keep from underground sources in the eastern Mediterranean our relations with these countries need to abolish described as strategic partnership. Because strategic interests of US clash with Turkey. US strategic interest are seen as the thinhs that justification for steps to be taken against Turkey. Moreover, the US attitude against Turkey and explanations are not only limited to the eastern Mediterranean. They use every means to prevent us from buying an S-400 missile defense system from Russia, and they don't sell the missile system we want. As a result, the friendship of the US is only a matter of words. You shouldn't believe them.


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