Abdulkadir Özkan: "Isn't the EU's decision abvious on Turkey?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Isnt the EUs decision abvious on Turkey?"
Date: 11.6.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on The EU-Turkey relations . Here is the full article.

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The spokespersons of the ruling party often state that the EU must now make a decision. In the face of these words every time, what is the EU's decision on Turkey, that we express in this corner of the decision to hold Turkey in the door, in other words. Only the latest developments and the EU spokespersons express their demand in the European Parliament that they must not close the opened chapters with Turkey and must not open new chapters, they even transform this demand into decision. When you look at all these discourses and the developments, what is the EU's decision on Turkey is clear. I guess that's what makes us decide. If this decision, we will either give up the complaint of being kept at the door or leave that door. Actually, there are many reasons why we should leave that door. At the beginning, it is the fact that EU countries act together with terrorists and terrorist organizations. It should be noted, all kinds of opponents of Turkey they find refuge in EU countries and financial and moral support. Besides, in Syria they are moving along side by side with Turkey in any kind of action against the US. As such, it is no longer an unrequited demand to ask and wait for the EU to make a decision.
In this regard, finally, the AKP Deputy Chairman Hamza Dağ noting in a statement to a newspaper that the West is moving away from democracy and freedom, in the same statement emphasizing the need to make a decision on the one hand, "This is worrying for the future of the West. If the EU from time to time to get some criticism in Turkey actually has the benefit of making his own criticism in itself. We make the Copenhagen criteria the Istanbul criteria and continue on our way.”
It is impossible to disagree with Dag's determination that the EU is moving away from democracy and freedoms. But isn't it pointless to wait until they make that decision after we make this determination? Isn't it wrong to keep waiting at the door to enter an EU that has been separated from democracy and freedom? Is there a reason why we still do not know why we are still waiting at the door despite all these exclusion and hostile attitudes? In international relations, societies may not know much about many issues. Most of the time, they can fully learn the contents of the events. However, the EU no longer has a hidden side of the issue. The main reason is the fact that Turkey is Muslim. It seems that Turkey cannot become a member of the EU without leaving aside the values ​​of the past. This means denying ourselves. As such, it was necessary to pull ourself up by our bootstraps by making our own decision before being expelled from the EU gate.
 I would like to conclude my article with a short excerpt from Mr. Dag's description:
"The point that Europe have been is worrisome for whole world, not only for Turkey ...
Although anti-Islamism in the West has been on the agenda for a long time, even though some political parties have made anti-Islamism on their agenda, it has not found a response in the society, but now it is in the West.
We see that it is not at a point where it learns from freedom and human rights. ”
After these determinations, understanding to want the EU to decide for Turkey becomes really difficult.


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