Abdulkadir Özkan: "Issues on my mind related to the outbreak"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Issues on my mind related to the outbreak"
Date: 24.12.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the full article.

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While there is clarity on some issues regarding the pandemic, there are some issues that raise new questions. For example, if the world has been deceived from the very beginning and the coronavirus pandemic did not occur in Wuhan, China for the first time and was presented as such, shouldn't it be explained in this situation? A year has passed since the pandemic was first announced to the world. However, it suddenly spread to almost every corner of the world. Whatever happened during this spread, the virus suddenly disappeared in China. In other words, he came out in China, but there has been no serious problem in China for a year, and he visits almost every country, especially Europe and the USA. Not only does it visit, it also takes a permanent position in the country it enters. So, the coronavirus was obvious to occur in China, but it is never mentioned in China. As not mentioned in China, hundreds of people die every day in the countries they reach from there. Isn't there a question that needs to be answered at this point?
For example, after a few months after its debut in China, the epidemic in China suddenly ended while it affected the whole world. Even if it has not come to an end, it does not notice its presence and absence. So, it appeared as if the virus in question had never been in China. Well, what is the reason for this? So, what could be the reason for the failure of the virus that has devastated the world for a year in China? For example, had China taken some measures before opposing this epidemic? Since the principles of the fight against the epidemic are clear, whether these measures are not fully implemented in the world or because of the implementation of the measures taken by China different from the implementation of the world, aren't there questions that need to be answered?
Another question that comes to mind is that while efforts to create a vaccine against the epidemic continue all over the world, China was the first country to implement the vaccine in the world, as it was China that ended the epidemic in its first country. As such, the question arises whether China is at a much more advanced level than all other developed countries. So, have they failed in this race, especially European countries? Since the USA and EU countries are in a situation behind China in the fight against the epidemic, they are watching the epidemic only from the sidelines. I wonder if the epidemic cannot be prevented simply because they cannot implement certain measures that should be taken at the beginning of the work just because they give priority to the economy? Beyond that, it mutates frequently. Since the epidemic has not peaked again and again in China, is the coronavirus hostile only to countries outside of China ?!
Whatever the reason, the Chinese epidemic has been able to imprison and render it harmless where it first appeared. As such, they have to sit down and think about the reason for their deep failure, especially the USA, and share this with their societies. Instead of showing off some challenges to the world, they should review their health organizations and their knowledge, whether through mutation or when faced with the emergence of a new epidemic, they have to investigate what should be done instead of panicking. Especially the World Health Organization, although the epidemic occurred in China, I think that while the epidemic was eliminated in a short time there, the world should be desperate in the face of the epidemic, not only produce words, but share its reasons with humanity. The existence of such an organization will become meaningless if it has no words to say about it.


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