Abdulkadir Ozkan: "Joint patrol with terror supporter America"

Abdulkadir Ozkan: "Joint patrol with terror supporter America"
Date: 3.11.2018 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes about Turkey's operation in Syria and US relations. Here is the full article.

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After two terrorist targets in the east of the Euphrates by Turkey organized operation began joint patrols with the United States in Manbij. It started, but the United States stood for quite a while to fulfill its promise. Meanwhile, It did not fulfill the promise of cleaning Manbij from terrorists. US, Turkey to cooperate in Syria continues to choose not to terrorist organizations. In short, it was once again seen that it was not possible to trust the US in the fight against terrorism. Such unceasing promise, the start of joint patrols in Manbij constantly entertained with Turkey that Turkey would give the United States at the request of contributing to these results? It is not possible to say yes immediately to this question. Because Turkey is an unreliable country for the United States. Starting with unreliable people can not expect much.
I'm not going to stand out that the US is with PKK, YPG and Daesh in our region. I just want to draw attention to the hypocritical attitude that they had shown about Manbij. Last Sunday, after the shooting of the tough cave zone, the previous day, our border police attacked the terrorists who opened the harassment fire. Turkey's these moves US State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Palladino, "military attacks on the northwestern Syria, who swum by, particularly US personnel there or are nearby is a major source of concern for us," he expressed his discomfort. The incident has not only disturbed the US, but it also reveals that the US is continuing its task of protecting and protecting the terrorists in the region. One more step we assign putting stance against Turkey to protect the US terrorist organizations. As such, in manbij with these terrorist allies also you obtain the anticipated result from the fact that Turkey launched joint patrols? So, can terrorist organizations be thrown out of the region?
It seems the United States is performing a theater. Exhibited in the name of the game to terrorist organizations and terrorists to avoid damaging the Turkey maintain their presence in the region ... Because on one hand the PKK/YPG uncomfortable with the targets hit by Turkey, are expressing it. Then, "Turkey is a NATO member and a key partner of the coalition and anti-DEAS. We are committed to the border security of our Allies ler. If connected to Turkey's border security are still why the continued arming terrorist organizations. For years, the PKK/YPG terrorist organization was linked to the fight against DAESH. However, there is no danger of DAESH in Syria. As such, it is no longer possible to explain the unity of the United States with the terrorist organizations with the struggle with DAESH. If the same song continues to be spoken, this is the expression of insincerity. Is it not to take the US-YPG joint theater seriously to believe that the region will be cleared of terror by acting together with the United States?
In particular, the PKK/YPG uncomfortable to hear the shooting terrorists target the United States has remained faithful to the promise given to the so-called protection of the very terrorists to Turkey is showing. Menbiç the center of the target of the US joint patrols with Turkey, the PKK / YPG is known to predict the clearance of the elements. According to the agreed agreement, this cleaning work had to be completed by 5 September. But the US has reached agreement with a persistent foot-dragging on in Turkey. Thus, it was not possible to clear the center of Münbiç from terrorist elements. US expresses himself to the discomfort of the steps taken by Turkey to act as the cleaning. This is not the case, the agreement reached between the two countries, our Minister of Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu Manbij center is emptied and given a date for that attention. Such a successful launch of a joint patrol, which has been initiated by a country that does not keep its promise, has no meaning as a success.


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