Abdulkadir Özkan: "Let's not be confused about education"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Lets not be confused about education"
Date: 14.7.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the education. Here is the full article.

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The main problem of our country still remains the coronavirus epidemic, whoever says whatever. Although a new topic comes up every day, the effects of the pandemic continue to increase. At the beginning of this is that our habits in our daily lives have changed drastically. In the meantime, considering that it is not as easy to change our habits as it is thought, the confusion in the society is increasing gradually. According to some, insecurities are also common in sections that cannot cope with new developments. If this were not the case, would it still be possible for a part of the society to act with the understanding of 'Nothing happens to me', especially in wearing masks and adapting to social distance? It is impossible to stop the spread of the epidemic due to this insecurity. We are looking at new cases are decreasing, we are happy, and we are looking at it has started to increase. Of course, the incident is not limited to the increase in new cases. Remembering that the increase in the number of patients in intensive care units and the fact that those who lost their lives could not be reduced to single-digit numbers, it would not be wrong to say that our most important issue as a society is to fight against the epidemic. Because health is the most important issue for all of us.
Without extending the word, the question of what the next school year will be, remains unanswered, especially since the epidemic upset our educational life during the second half of the last school year. Because the numbers related to the epidemic, various questions emerged in the minds of all parents from the name of the Ministry of Education's announcement that the primary, secondary and high schools will open on August 31. The questions of whether the epidemic could be fully controlled until that date, or how to continue education if it could not, were increasingly common. The authorities then made various statements regarding the issue. As the explanations began to follow each other, the questions in the heads began to increase where they would decrease. Because the explanations that it can be started to shift education in schools increased the anxiety and questions in the minds. We reached a point as if our schools could be managed with a factory understanding, not a training slot.
Meanwhile, it is reflected in the media that the next two months are a critical period in the epidemic. The experts pointed out that the number of cases targeted for the month of July in the epidemic was far away, saying that “We need to evaluate the next two months very well” and that the epidemic continues its effect. What will these explanations be like when the schools will open? While reinforcing the question, successive explanations about how to do the education make confusion even more insurmountable, and it does no more than increase the anxiety of the parents. Some experts even suggest that corona cases have not fallen below 1000 for the past month due to indisposition and drowsiness, which may endanger the opening of schools. In particular, the lack of a clear explanation worries parents, while some experts say that they can switch to a shift education model in schools, and even there are mixed education models, half of them at home and half of them can be a school order. All these statements show that an uncertainty about education prevails. Meanwhile, in the statement made by the Turkish Medical Association, "We should make radical decisions in education" is said. Especially the statements made by the healthcare professionals do not go beyond increasing confusion. The Minister of National Education states that they are ready for any application. However, while no one can talk about a precise application, only a number of possibilities are mentioned. This increases anxiety.


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