Abdulkadir Özkan: "Middle East takes up arms against whom?"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Middle East takes up arms against whom?"
Date: 13.3.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkey's economy. Here is the full article.

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First, I want to share the title of a news in our newspaper. In the title, it is indicated that Germany and China comes after the US and Russia which among the countries that sell most weapon by saying “America and Russia sells, the Middle East sets record of weapon.” in the content of the news.  Who will import weapons and who will sell is a separate issue and it concerns the countries in question but one cannot help oneself asking that “Why are the Middle East countries, especially Saudi Arabia, armed and against whom? Against who do they use these weapons against?”. In fact, everyone who is even little interested in world events knows the answers of these questions. But it is important to mention once again that these weapons that are bought especially Saudi Arabia, are used against Muslims.  At that time, we can easily say that a few oil-rich Muslim countries finance the weapon industry and merchants of world. At that time, the priority is to prevent this wrong attitude. Its way is of course not to prepare a ground for new armed conflicts.
But, when it is remembered that the sale of weapons to the Middle East reaches 35 percent of global weapon sales, it is useful to say this trend will not work beyond the flow of more Muslim blood in the future. Because it is not possible to keep the silent in face of the fact that even one of the guns taken is not used against the bloody killer Israel.  However, considering the silence of the Islamic work, the threat of work increases. 
At that point when it is considered that Saudi Arabia comes first on the list of the countries that most imported weapon and after it the India comes and especially when the population of India is compared with the population of Saudi Arabia, I think it does not need to say much. Moreover, according to the fact that there is no country in which Saudi Arabia appears to be in conflict which means that it is giving the weapons to the conflicting parties in Muslim countries. That is to serve the interests of the Crusader alliance who have taken the job of confusing the Islamic world.  As Muslims continue to increase their conflicts rather than end their conflicts it means that they serve Israel’s security. In another aspect, especially when it is considered that the US takes over the task of protecting Israel, it is seen that it is reaching the target by taking the money of the weapons from the safe of the Muslims not by spending it out of the USA’s pocket with the arms race. 
At that point, with the fact that it is gratifying to know the weapon industry of our country who showed a rapid development in the defense industry is increased 170 percent between 2014-18, it is seen as a pleasing development that among the Turkey’s top ten weapon selling countries there are United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia and despite this, there is a significant decrease in the import of weapons. Of course, on the condition that the weapons are sold to Saudi Arabia are not used in inter-Muslim conflicts. At that point,it could be said that I sell weapons to whoever wants from me and I don’t care where they use it.  However, at a point where Muslims must unite, prevention of inter-Muslim conflicts is a priority. If we can do so, the use of the wealth of Islamic countries in the sake of the interests of the Crusader alliance can be prevented. In particular, it is supposed to not to miss out the increase in the sale of the weapons in the US who is stripped to the gendarmerie of the world and not be forgotten that where is a conflict in the world the US is within it either from the behind or directly.


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