Abdulkadir Özkan: "Milli Gazete is a new voice in the media"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Milli Gazete is a new voice in the media"
Date: 13.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on newspaper's establishment anniversary. Here is the full article.

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How fast time passes, how fast is life running out! People are not aware of this rapid transition while living, and when one looks back on any occasion, this flow is noticed. Upon arrival, people experience the feeling of sadness and happiness at the same time. Our newspaper left 48 years behind yesterday and took days from its 49th year. This period may not seem long for institutions, but it is long for a human life. Especially if a person like me who is 78 years old has passed 46 years with Milli Gazete, it is natural that a separation will occur during this period.
My problem is not telling my memories. Because the period of 46 years and 6 months that has passed since July 1974 came to life in front of my eyes with yesterday's article by dear Kurdaş.
I remember the day I got the first issue of Milli Gazete from the dealer in Ankara. That day I was living my third year in the profession and I was working for a newspaper in Windy Sakak. Shortly after, we met with Ankara Representative Abdullah Lelik. The newspaper's office was in Rüzgârlı Sokak those years. This meeting was actually meeting people in the same profession. In the following years, he moved the Milli Gazete office to Demirtepe. But we were getting together from time to time. Actually, we did not have an intellectual unity politically, but collegiality was important in those years. Nowadays, being in the same profession does not come close. One year and six months had passed since the release of Milli Gazete. We stopped by his office in Demirtepe, we were chatting with Abdullah Lelik, brother Hasan Aksay entered the room and our conversation was long. It was the first time I was coming together with brother Hasan like this. Despite this, we had a pleasant conversation. While the conversation was continuing, My big brother Hasan asked Erbakan Hodja who is the Deputy Prime Minister of the CHP-MSP Coalition Government, would be on an east trip the next day and if I could follow it on behalf of the newspaper. In those days, I was publishing a monthly magazine and I had a blank space in front of me when I put its articles to the printing house. This offer pleased me. Because my job was journalism and I left nearly 3 years behind in the profession and worked as the Technical Secretary and Editor in Chief in Rüzgârlı. Early the next morning, we set out for Muş with a Murat 124 with journalists to follow my teacher. We reached Muş in the evening. In the evening, Erbakan Hodja had a closed hall meeting. That evening we met with the late brother Fehim Adak and the brother Oğuzhan Asiltürk, whom I knew from afar and with whom I was in close contact for the first time. The next day, we delivered the meeting held in the area where the Battle of Malazgirt took place, and then the news from the PTT to Istanbul by phone during a week-long trip covering Bitlis, Van and Hakkari. During this trip, while my news made headlines every day, I was also sending notes from the trip. These notes were entering from the first page. However, I was not on the staff of the newspaper. I was working in the kitchen of the newspapers I worked for until this trip. So I had my first reporter job and it made me happy.
When the trip was over and we returned to Ankara, Hasan asked if I would work for Milli Gazete, and we joined the Milli Gazete family, by saying yes. We have continued as a member of this family since that day. Good thing we did. Because Milli Gazete and Erbakan gave me a new perspective. The new voice that the National Vision movement brought to the Turkish political scene has also become the motto of our lives for us. Because the National Vision has shaken the bilateral confrontation formed in the political scene and brought everyone to talk and talk to each other in politics. This was a political revolution under the conditions of that day.


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