Abdulkadir Özkan: "News pollution worries more than the epidemic"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "News pollution worries more than the epidemic"
Date: 4.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on news pollution. Here is the full article.

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Some of my readers are disturbed by the articles about the pandemic, but whether we want to or not, the pandemic has become a reality of our lives for a year. Whether it spread from a certain center to the world to follow all people, or emerged in Wuhan, China and spread from there, the pandemic changed our lives. The rules regarding the pandemic have become determining our lives. In short, a number of limitations have been brought to our lives, whether it is an imaginary or a real epidemic. It is not possible to say that the restrictions introduced have been successful in the struggle. Besides, nobody excuse me, but a voice is coming out of every head. In my opinion, the news pollution created in this way disturbs and confuses societies more than the virus.
While there was a certain struggle with the pandemic, we also looked that the virus was mutated. What happened, has it changed shape? Or we do not know if the severity of making people sick has increased. Because very different statements on this subject are reflected in the media. In the meantime, it was announced that the most robust way to combat the pandemic is social vaccination. Countries entered the race to buy vaccines produced in various countries, thus, according to the news reflected in the media, a vaccine market of $ 25 billion was created.
Looking at this, someone suggested that the pandemic had nothing to do with reality, and that some countries were seeking to have a share of this market. Meanwhile, different explanations and practices have been implemented in the fight against the pandemic, not only with vaccines. Different statements and claims come to the fore regarding vaccination, which is presented as the most important application in the prevention of the pandemic. Claims about the number of people who previously lost their lives due to the pandemic were announced every day. It has been claimed that the number of people who lost their lives in the epidemic was more than announced. Nowadays, I do not know where the news of the death of two people after the vaccine has started to appear on television screens. Looking at all this, it comes to mind that people will lose their lives not from the rash but from news pollution. Meanwhile, news that the virus has mutated in various countries began to come. Before long, it was announced that the mutated virus was also seen in our country. This situation made people even more confused. Because the vaccines that were started to be applied were developed according to the virus before it was mutated, and some hesitations began to be expressed about the effect of the mutated virus. The fact that people who are experts in the field of pandemics also make different statements, causes our people to hesitate about who to believe. It is stated that 60-70 percent vaccination is initially sufficient to ensure social immunity, and now 90 percent of the society should be vaccinated for social immunity. In the meantime, it is explained by the minister that the mutated virus has now mutated again and that the mutation continues to increase in the world and in our country.
I would like to draw attention to one more point. While the society was initially closed on itself to prevent the pandemic, it is now recommended to escape from closed places. Such diverse news inevitably makes people hesitant about what to believe. Let me state right away that it does not seem possible to prevent this polyphony. However, those concerned have to announce the truth to the public in response to statements. Otherwise, it seems that the mentality of some circles rather than the virus will make things difficult.


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