Abdulkadir Özkan: "Peace does not come to the world without changing the order"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Peace does not come to the world without changing the order"
Date: 11.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on world peace. Here is the full article.

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Is it possible to expect peace to prevail in a world where thugs are mentioned and developments are determined? We know that for many years, a number of countries that have accepted some power as a justification and have idolized matter in the world are decisive. As such, blood and tears are on the agenda almost every day in some corner of the world. The oppressors use the oppressed as they wish, and even decide what to do.
In short, we live in a world dominated by power. In fact, it is also known which countries are responsible for the cruelty and persecution. However, the oppressed cannot be made to stand up. As a result, the horns of the oppressors are blowing in the world. Because such an order has been established that the protection of the rights of the oppressed is left to the oppressors. As such, they cannot find the strength and courage to change the current situation in the oppressed. All that remains is to express the persecution of the oppressed from time to time in a low voice. This does not lead to the end of the persecution, but to increase the self-confidence of the oppressors and to increase their persecution.
As a result, there is no order in the world that will ensure peace and justice prevail and the righteous to get their rights. As such, the current order must change. At this point, let me state that the oppressors do not leave their seats or the power of power they have. For this, the current order must be destroyed and a fair order must be established in its place. The way to achieve this is to get the oppressed to stand up and show resistance. Without this, let's repeat the cruelty and injustice committed every day as much as we want, and express the pain we experience, nothing will change. Because it hasn't happened until now. As such, the determination of the order formed by the colonial tyrants, that is, the Crusader-Zionist alliance, continues.
It may be asked why I have brought to the agenda that this corrupt and unhealthy system should be changed primarily in order for peace and justice to prevail in the world when there are many problems inside and outside. Because what is certain is that the established world order only allows the oppressed to be exploited and the oppressors to speak. For this, it will be sufficient to look at the structures of the international organizations established after the First and Second World War and who they serve. In this way, this existing order will either be destroyed or a new balance of power will be created using the language that the oppressors can understand. In order for the new balance of power to provide peace on earth, it must have a fair structure. It is not possible to expect such a development from the Crusader-Zionist alliance. Because they have joined hands, openly or behind the scenes, collaborating for the continuation of their dominance over the world.
It is possible to extend what I have said for pages and there are examples of this reflected in the media every day. However, it will suffice to remember that Trump was nominated for the Nobel Prize, and that is because Trump was behind the steps taken by some Islamic countries towards normalization with Israel. And again, in a newspaper, "USA: Greece proud to work" under the title of a news contained, "They want to break up Turkey and Iran," titled news is enough. In short, in a world where the Crusader-Zionist alliance is decisive, waiting for peace will be waiting for the impossible. For this, of course, Islamic countries need to stand up and brave people who can afford to pay. Erbakan is a good example of this bravery. It will be possible to get results if such brave and brave people can come out. At least some weak Muslim rulers will find that they are not alone.


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