Abdulkadir Özkan: "Power without opposition!"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Power without opposition!"
Date: 4.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkish politics. Here is the full article.

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As of the last week of December, the reviews of 2020 in the media started, and as of January 3 (yesterday), these evaluations were continuing on television and newspapers. Meanwhile, expectations from 2021 in domestic and foreign policy have also been expressed. While the pink tables were drawn except for the pandemic related to the last year, on the other hand, the evaluations dominated by pessimism continued by looking at the current situation. It is quite natural to have different views in a democratic multi-party system. It is an intolerance to these unnatural differences. Some people want society to think like them. Perhaps there is nothing strange about the request, but the style exhibited while expressing the differences and that everyone who does not think like me is wrong meant that the strategy of polarization that has been maintained for years will continue from now on. This inevitably bothers people. Because there will be differences where people are. In other words, the difference of the places looked at will inevitably reveal different opinions.
However, there are some rules that ensure the coexistence of societies. These rules are the rules that guarantee the human rights of everyone. If this is not tolerated and some groups adopt an approach that only their human rights are worthy of protection and others are worthless, then there is no possibility to live in a society. Because although everyone was created as human beings, they are not alike. There are serious differences especially in the thinking and action plan. If people were created uniform in all respects, there would be no need for a test because they would not be different from each other. Everyone will pay attention to their actions and words, knowing that they will be accountable for their actions. Such a situation does not mean restriction of freedom of thought. On the contrary, his approach that everyone will think and believe like me destroys freedom of thought. Actually, I am not saying anything unknown, I am just trying to remind you of the rules of living together in peace by making some reminders in the first days of the new year.
May Allah show no pain of them, I have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. But they all have differences. Even if these differences are not very big, he sent creators prophets to protect people from mistakes and to bring them together in absolute truths, since there are differences where people are. In other words, the main rules have been delivered to humanity in order to minimize the mistakes within the framework of the truth of human beings. Those who objected to these main rules have also been people and societies that accept their own thoughts as the only true. Since everybody will give their own account, it will be easy to live together unless they try to think everybody as themselves and push others out of society. On the other hand, those who try to impose their beliefs on the society are excluded by the society and therefore, if the political cadres they belong to cannot come to power with the support of the nation for many years, then they will not have the right to be angry with the society. Because, according to the democracy they idolize, what the majority of the society says and likes is the power. However, if those who do not think about human rights and democracy in their language, and at the same time display words and behaviors that mean throwing those who do not think like them out of society at once, then there is a serious insincerity.


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