Abdulkadir Özkan: "Problems do not decrease, but increase"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Problems do not decrease, but increase"
Date: 5.1.2021 18:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on society. Here is the full article.

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Unhappiness is becoming more common in society. On the one hand, if a segment of the national income does not have a share of one hundred or even one, is it possible to talk about justice in the distribution of income in that society? In other words, while low and fixed income earners are dragged into a serious economic problem, if another party does not even need to ask for prices while shopping with their share, can peace be expected in such a society? Moreover, if there is a crisis in the economy behind the social unrest and the difficulty of making a living with what people can earn, the event cannot be explained solely by economic difficulties. Because these problems also cause social and psychological problems and depressions in the society. Especially if the number of smiling faces in the society has begun to decrease, social explosions may occur seriously in that society.
For this, administrators need to be sensitive about the fair distribution of national income. If they cannot see the troubles of the society by looking at a happy minority around them, it becomes difficult for them to find solutions to the problems. We come together with people from many different walks of life, ask about them and chat. Among them there are those who supported the ruling party politically. However, the common reaction of all segments at the point reached is that they have trouble making ends meet in economic terms. Especially the tradesmen are seriously overwhelmed. Let alone talk to the tradesmen and keep their pulse, it is enough to walk up and down the streets and take a look at the shops around to see that the shops are empty. Especially the silence prevails in the shops, which had been chirpy for many years, shows that the tradesmen are in serious trouble. The issue does not end with this, either, people have no hope that things will improve in a short time. I think this is the point that really makes trouble, demoralizes, and makes faces. When the hopes of the troubled people for the future no longer exist, their troubles endure.
It is known that the epidemic has an important share in the continuous increase of economic problems. Because long-term prohibitions inevitably have minimized shopping. People just want to get the food they need. Due to their lack of confidence in the future, they postpone many of their needs. In other words, they are after meeting their primary needs.
The concern that these detections will increase in the future increases the pessimism. Because the pink paintings that are drawn are gradually losing their credibility. Because there is no expectation in the society that the epidemic will end in a short time. The fact that the statements made about the epidemic so far have denied each other inevitably leads to hesitations, and when the publications in the virtual world are added to this, people have no confidence in the truth.
As a result, the way to get rid of the economic and social problems of the society as soon as possible is to join hands together. In other words, paying for the troubles caused by the conditions should not be burdened only on small tradesmen and people with low income.


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