Abdulkadir Özkan: "Publishing the figures does not complete the task"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Publishing the figures does not complete the task"
Date: 25.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Covid-19. Here is the full article.

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It goes without saying that each individual in the society has a duty in combating the epidemic. However, the main task in preventing the epidemic falls on the state. I think announcing the number of daily tests, the cases detected and the number of people who died from the epidemic will not relieve those concerned from responsibility. It can be said that as a state, everything is done, but people are reluctant to obey the rules and precautions. Such an approach is correct, but I think the callousness of a segment of the society does not relieve the managers from responsibility. The condition for managers to be relieved of responsibility is related to whether all the measures to be taken in combating the epidemic and the necessary steps have been taken.
At this point, the most important issue in combating the epidemic is to prevent the epidemic and to prevent people from getting sick. As long as this is not achieved, the fact that he is hospitalized and receiving intensive care does not prevent the epidemic from spreading. Recently, the increase in cases has been announced to the public under the headings "We entered the third wave, the hospital load is increasing". Because the number of those who lost their lives suddenly increased, the number of those who died from the epidemic on March 22, 2021 increased from 117 to 138 on March 23. However, the number of people who died 15 days ago on a daily basis decreased to 60s. Whether this situation is expressed as a third wave or another way, the increase must be blocked.
It seems that the way to do this is through speeding up vaccination. Because the experts interpret the point reached as the number of cases, deaths and intensive care patients will come to the peak starting from the first week of April. In other words, there is a common opinion about evaluating the point where the epidemic has come. In the meantime, it is stated that vaccination has become more and more indispensable at the point reached in the fight against the epidemic. However, it is also stated that there is a problem in vaccine supply, although it is not talked about much. Although it has been known for months that there is a supply problem, no definitive results have been achieved so far. Vaccine producing companies may have difficulty growing in the face of intense demand. However, it seems that the payer is blowing the whistle, millions of doses of vaccines are being shipped to one side in a row, while another party is agreed upon, and if the paid vaccines are not sent, there is no point in waiting for the manufacturers to enjoy themselves. Because the number of daily cases in our country has increased from 5 thousand to 26 thousand with a short-term normalization. Moreover, as a country, we are one of the first countries to make a 50 million dose vaccine agreement with China. However, considering the amount of vaccines given, it seems that the vaccine in question did not come to our country completely. Of course, this may not be the fault of our country's administrators, but the issue needs to be followed closely. Even if more than the desired vaccine has come to our country after the job is overdue, it will not work. Because the figures announced every day show that the danger is growing compared to the previous one. It's no joke. If there is a negligence in the procurement of the vaccine, the account should also be asked. Obviously, there is no sensitivity in some parts of the society in combating the epidemic. As such, preventing the spread of the epidemic with the efforts of all segments of the society does not seem possible under today's conditions. Because publishing the figures every day is not enough to combat the epidemic.


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