Abdulkadir Özkan: "The real Covid-19"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "The real Covid-19"
Date: 23.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Covid-19. Here is the full article.

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I've been wanting to focus on a published report for a few days that we're second in Europe in cases and deaths. However, I would like to process the news together with the book called "The Real Covid-19" that I have received. Reminding that the numbers are disturbing in the coronavirus pandemic in the news, it is noted that Turkey ranks second in Europe in cases and deaths, sixth in cases in the world, and tenth in deaths. So, again, it was based on vaccination rates. What is the situation? Is it really the only healthy solution in the fight against the epidemic? The answer to this question falls to the experts. However, the number of people who have lost their lives due to the epidemic has been around 225 to 280 for days. So that's a pretty high number. Suffice it to say that it is too loud and scary to comment on the figure. As such, keeping the issue on the agenda by making a different claim every day is not enough to reduce the impact of the epidemic. In particular, the opposite front that some people have opened on tests and vaccines is nothing but confusion.
Of course, it would be beneficial for those who speak for and against vaccination to share some of the documents and information they have with the society instead of competing with words to satisfy themselves. At this point, I would like to convey some information from the book in which a doctor who is an expert in this field deals with the issue as a whole in the light of the information he obtained from his one-on-one studies with patients. My point is not to open a new discussion. Because the day is not to spend time arguing, it is a working day to beat the virus. Let me point out right away that there are many observations and claims in the book in my hand. The application of these claims in the field was also made, and the results obtained from these applications were also expressed. Let me state right away that I am not in a position to be a party to the opinions of the experts in the business towards each other. However, I think that those who want to do something should not be prevented. Because the fight against the epidemic is not something that can be done with mutual discussions. However, although the results obtained from some studies have been conveyed to the relevant authorities, I wish that the fact that these calls were not heeded does not cause a waste of time.
At this point, I would like to make some quotations from Specialist Doctor Orhan Kara's book The Real Covid-19:
"Isn't the absolute truth of the rule that 'If there is a disease, there must be a cure'? The one who created the disease also created the cure.
One of the world's most expensive pharmaceutical markets has emerged. Apart from the vaccine market, the antiviral and anticytokine market is similar to the arena where the pharmaceutical giants play.
The disease was named as pneumonia as a result of an incorrect definition, and the treatments were done incorrectly.”
There are many similar claims in the book. I don't mean to blame anyone. It is only whether those concerned stand on the allegations, and if they do, whether they share their results with the community. Because the epidemic is not over yet, we are losing hundreds of people every day. If there is a mistake or deficiency in this application, shouldn't it be reversed? If we say we did it right, a wrong practice will continue.
Let me point out right away that Doctor Orhan Kara tried to convey his findings to the experts and authorities, which he could reach without putting his findings into a book. The book covers all of these issues. Most importantly, it is stated that the false detection and wrong practices of the World Health Organization at the beginning of the epidemic were highlighted as the reason why the epidemic could not be prevented for so long.


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