Abdulkadir Özkan: "The result of the polarizing style"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "The result of the polarizing style"
Date: 19.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkish politics' style. Here is the full article.

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In this column, I tried to draw attention from time to time that the threatening and insulting style separates the society. However, there was no change in the attitude of the AK Party and MHP leaders. They started to give an image as if looking for an excuse to harden their style. It can be said that there may not be a problem in the hardening of the style unless there is insult and polarization. However, when it comes to the approach that they act together with treacherous and terrorist organizations against those who do not think like themselves, when this segregation and enmity starts to find response at the base, undesirable events come into question.
Actually, we are no stranger to such polarizing approaches. For many years, there was a separation between right and leftist in this country. The parties mutually accuse each other of being supporters of different colonial countries, resulting in the division between traitors and patriots. As such, it brought up the fight to throw their enemies out of the square on both sides. In time, our country turned into an area of ​​conflict. Many of our young people lost their lives. This environment worked for the foreign-driven coup plotters. The coup plotters said that they took over the administration in order to put an end to the conflicts in the country, and presented their coup as normal. As a result, our people and our country lost.
The events that we thought to have lagged behind and wished to be so started to come up again. Following the attack on CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu in Çubuk, the Vice President of the Future Party Selçuk Özdağ and the Ankara Representative and columnist of Yeniçağ newspaper Orhan Ugüroğlu were attacked in front of their homes. These events inevitably reminded me of the pain of the past. Because it seems that the attacks are not just an individual response, but a group attack on the targets. In this respect, those who were not caught among the attackers should be caught as soon as possible and brought to court. Of course, it may not be enough to be caught and brought to court. It should be ensured that they receive the necessary penalties. If the attackers cannot be caught by some effects, and those who are caught are released as if nothing has happened, the end of the work may reach undesirable points.
Particularly, the fact that Bahceli has claimed the owner of some threats as my fellow lawyer causes people to worry. It is possible to make up some reasons for this claim. However, nobody has the right to declare himself a patriot and to call those who do not think like himself traitors and to account for this on his own. If this path is to be opened, then the end of the rope is lost. Therefore, it is not right for politicians to characterize a section of the society or some people as terrorists and traitors. This work belongs to law enforcement and judiciary. The police forces have to collect evidence of those who cooperate with terrorists, and beyond that, about traitors and bring them to the court. After that, it should be the job of the judiciary to do what is necessary. If someone tries to put themselves in the shoes of the judiciary, arbitrariness comes to the fore, then the righteous and the wrong, the traitor and the patriot are confused.


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