Abdulkadir Özkan: "The UN not established to solve international crises!"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "The UN not established to solve international crises!"
Date: 4.10.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the UN. Here is the full article.

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The title may seem meaningless when one remembers the mission and the words said at the United Nations. However, considering the position and the fact that the UN has no activity in resolving crises in the world, on the contrary, it has no function beyond preparing a legal cover for the international fraud of 5 countries, it should be explained to the world that there is a need for an alternative structure, not content with only objecting to the structure of the UN, and an alternative structure should be established. Because it is not enough to express the mistake in the founding structure of the UN and to say that only 5 states have a function to protect their interests. There is a need for a world order that puts an end to the decisiveness of these 5 countries in the world. National Opinionists have always drawn attention to this fact for 50 years; While expressing that the Islamic Union should be established for this, they did not just say it, they took action. In short, the National Opinionists state that a new world should be established, both yesterday and today, and they are fighting for it. Of course, the global powers were always disturbed by these discourses, as a result, they had the Milli Gorus parties, which were fighting against their established order, shut down one after another by using their collaborators inside. In other words, those who did not want the current structure of the UN to change were furious when a different voice began to rise against them. It seems that they will maintain the same attitude from now on.
Let us state once again that the global powers are not bothered to criticize the structure of the UN, the reason for their discomfort is to reveal the distortion in the structure of the UN, to present an alternative structure and take action to create it. In short, the decisive powers in the world are not criticisms of the UN that they or they created, but to take action to create a new structure. In this respect, it does not make much sense to say that the UN cannot prevent humanitarian tragedies and international crises as much as we would like. What matters is not that the UN cannot prevent these crises, but that it does not want to. Because the crises in the world do not come out on their own, behind the crises are the 5 countries that have taken the UN prisoner. Because the world's constant crisis makes their work and exploitation easier. In this respect, saying that the UN cannot prevent or solve humanitarian tragedies in the world means nothing more than hiding a truth. Because the UN has no problem solving crises.
Of course, not only does the UN have such a problem, but the organization, which was established under the name of NATO and is said to have been established to prevent unjust attacks, is also walking in the same line. In other words, international organizations such as the UN and NATO, which were created to prevent crises and massacres in the world, operate only to protect the interests of colonial powers. Now the whole world, especially the exploited and oppressed oppressed, must see this truth and stand up. This surrender continues, on the one hand, criticizing the UN and then not taking action for a counter-solution does not convince humanity anymore. Its former effectiveness is gradually disappearing. Beyond that, the proposed solutions gradually lose their meaning. Because it seems that those who gave the authority to have the last word in the establishment of the UN to 5 countries step in when there is a movement to activate each new institution and try to divert the event from its target. When they fail to do so, they rise up to neutralize the leaders who take action to implement a new world discourse in various ways. As such, those who set out with the idea of ​​a new world should be willing to pay the price from the start. It will not be possible for them to establish a new world order while sitting comfortably in their seats.


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