Abdulkadir Özkan: "The US, Russia do not want terror to end"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "The US, Russia do not want terror to end"
Date: 21.10.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the US and Russia. Here is the full article.

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The creation of safe zones for a long time was subject to negotiations between the US and Turkey. Turkey wanted the prevention of possible terrorist attacks thrown out of the safe zone. It will also be ensured that the refugees in our country return to their countries through the secure zone to be established in our south. In fact, while quite clear that Turkey asked the US side of what Turkey's requests came from or ignore or do not understand. As a result, the operation of the Peace Spring was launched. With the start of the operation, the US and EU countries and Israel started to react and Russia preferred to postpone its reaction. But that did not mean that this attitude will act together with Turkey on terrorism, Russia. Because Lavrov said in a recent statement made, "Kurdish problem should be solved with dialogue", saying, removing the event from being a terrorist issue and Turkey's fight against terrorism, 'Kurdish problem' as he describes. There is no point in discussing the US position on this issue. Because at this point, there is no secret side that the US is seeking to create a new Kurdish autonomous region in Syria. For this purpose, all the US terrorist organizations using tongs as a goal to achieve this goal consists of.
It must then determine Turkey's fight against terrorism in the US and EU countries will not have to wait for a realistic approach will act together with Turkey on the issue of terrorism to be completed exactly in Russia. Such an expectation would mean that it is not clear that the United States, coming from 10 thousands of miles away, has made our region a constant boiling cauldron.
We see and live clear examples of this. The fact that all the weapons in the arms and ammunition warehouses seized during the Peace Spring operation belonged to the United States. The fact that they are dealing with the terrorist organization also shows that even if the terrorists are out of the safe zone, our region will not be saved from the scourge of terror. As they have done so far, perhaps they will not operate beyond our borders, but will continue to exist and operate a little further down. So the region will not be cleared of terrorists. In this regard, no matter how an agreement is reached with the US, the US will look for ways to pull that agreement in its own direction. It's always been like this. In this respect, the definitive solution of the peace of the region is to clear the region from all kinds of terrorist organizations, and the way to clear our region from terror is through the withdrawal of the US from our region. Apart from this, all the steps taken may bring temporary solutions and convenience, but there will be no definite solution. Because the US certainly does not want peace and peace in our region. The peace of our region is disturbing the USA as it has been for years.
It would be incomplete to say that only the USA is disturbed by the peace of our region. On the one hand, EU countries and Russia, on the one hand, explain that they accept some organizations in our region as a terrorist organization, and in the general plan they look at the event as a Kurdish problem and give all kinds of support to these organizations under this evaluation. In short, the West has a hypocritical attitude. The main objective of the project, which was implemented under the name of the Greater Middle East Project, is to divide the countries of the region into small pieces, and I don't think there is anyone who does not know that it serves the road to Greater Israel.


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