Abdulkadir Özkan: "The US says Turkey should not purchase Russian missile system"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "The US says Turkey should not purchase Russian missile system"
Date: 14.2.2019 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on US policy on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Turkey insistently wanted to buy Patriot missile system from the US but they didn’t sell it in any way. Through the instrument of NATO, Patriots were deployed only to our southern border but before long, they dismantled and took it back. Then, they didn’t bring to mind that Turkey is a member of NATO. Even we need a missile defense system as a country which’s sides has been a field of conflict for years; the US didn’t give a positive respond to our request. Therewith, Turkey has decided to purchase the S-400 missile defense system from Russia and has reached an agreement with Russia in this respect. Therewith, various ranks of the US said that Turkey is a member of NATO, that the missile system that will be gotten from Russia won’t be conform with the systems of the organization and that Turkey should renounce from this buying. When Turkey reported that they reached an agreement with Russia and won’t renounce the buying of the S-400’s, the news that the congress confirmed a selling, worth of 6 billion dollars reflected to the media.
Shortly, the fact that the US is insistently against to our buying missile from Russia was sometimes uttered directly, and sometimes uttered through NATO. As a result, Turkey will never renounce from Russian missiles, but it seemed that the question was treated when Turkey decided to also buy the Patriot missile system which the US didn’t sell until now. In a sense, while Turkey supplied its need by buying Russian missile systems, Turkey also would buy missiles from the US to don’t displease them. However, according to the news reflected to the media, the discomfort of the US about Turkeys buying missiles from Russia continues. In this respect, the news under the heading “Don’t buy Russian missile systems” of our newspaper from yesterday said exactly:
“The NATO permanent representative Kay Bailey Hutchison of the US stated that Washington is worried about the agreement made about the delivery of the S-400 missile defense system between Moscow and Ankara, that this agreement will block the supply of the American-made systems of the US to turkey. Hutchison said, ‘We are worried about the delivery of the Russian-made missile defense system to any allied countries of us. We call Turkey to not continue this agreement because this situation doesn’t leave any opportunity to us to supply our defense systems which can be deployed to there.’
It is understood that the statement is a series of lies when it is carefully read; because due to Turkey couldn’t buy the missile system they wanted from the US even in return for money, Turkey decided to buy the S-400’s. In this respect, the claim of the US from Turkey to renounce the buying of the systems in question is a force to determine the decisions of an independent state. Besides, Turkey decides by itself from which country they want buy something, not the US. Also, there are no words left to speak about the explanation that the US became uncomfortable about the buying of S-400’s right after the Congress confirms the sale of the Patriot systems to Turkey. However, this explanation means stating the discomfort about the buying of the S-400’s once more again. Whereas even Turkey insistently wants from the US to don’t give weapons to the terror organizations in Iraq and Syria for years, the weapon delivery in question is maintained and the weapons are still in the hands of the terror organizations. On one hand, the US arming the terror organizations which are operating against our country, and on the other hand th US want Turkey to not have its own independent missile defense system. Is it possible to qualify the owners of this attitude as ally? Is it right to maintain the disjunctive language of fear in an election campaign while facing with such an enemy?


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