Abdulkadir Özkan: "There are many questions about the epidemic"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "There are many questions about the epidemic"
Date: 2.4.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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The virus epidemic suddenly enveloped the world, so how and why it emerged, whether or not there was an international conspiracy involved. In addition, it was perceived as unnecessary to engage in a number of conspiracy theories from dealing with such an endangering epidemic. Fortunately, they did not considered it. However, when the epidemic is prevented and life begins to return to normal in the world, I think this issue will be emphasized. In addition, bringing some conspiracy theories to the agenda and making the subject of discussion while struggling with such a calamity is not much that will bring humanity, but it will also lead to demoralization. In short, after the disaster is prevented, I think this aspect of the work will be discussed thoroughly and it should be discussed. However, when that day comes, the issue should not be made a polemic issue. If so, the essence of the work will be overlooked.
The issue that needs to be researched and discussed will not only consist of investigating the answer to the questions of whether this microbe is produced under normal conditions or in the laboratory, but the global financial dimension of the business will come to the agenda. Because, looking at the news, some countries have already applied to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and started to reflect on the media they are requesting from. Considering that the IMF is an area in which global capital monetizes money in the state guarantee, it is necessary to consider and evaluate how many countries suddenly have become indebted to debt from these circles at a point where the demand for global capital has decreased considerably. Because when these goals of some global powers are taken into consideration, the questions that need to be answered are increasing.
Let me quickly state that I do not like producing conspiracy theories and confusing in this way. I have never endorsed the attitude of those who prefer this way, and those who display pedancy by bringing up theories that cannot be fully explained. For example, to those who only express state-owned information either in their corners or during a speech, they said, “This information is private information of the state, where did you get it? Who in the ear, why did they whisper? ” I thought he should be asked. Because I thought that those who wanted to announce information about such state (some intelligence organizations) whispered to a number of people and brought it to the agenda in this way had an intention. In fact, some intelligence organizations have always preferred to create some information to the society in different ways, and to create public opinion in line with their requests. Thus, they have done what they want to do, and they have made progress in reaching their goals. On the other hand, among those transferring the information whispered to their ears to the society, there have always been some material and moral interests.
In the pre-1980 period, while some names in the state conveyed some information, some information from the other side was conveyed to another publication, thus right-left conflicts were made permanent.
The virus outbreak may have caused some moves to be taken at the desk by squeezing some countries around the corner. Our current agenda is about the global epidemic and, accordingly, the plans of a number of global powers. In this respect, it is necessary to know the calculations and plans of the global powers that are after the IMF and some world sovereignty and to make evaluations accordingly, it is necessary to evaluate the plans of the global powers who pursue the world state, not only the interests of some states that appear in the middle. Unless this is done, the game of these global powers will be used.


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