Abdulkadir Özkan: "Trump or Biden"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Trump or Biden"
Date: 4.11.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on U.S. elections. Here is the full article.

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The presidential election campaign in the USA has come to an end. Until the last moment, it was said that Biden was more than 6 points ahead of Trump. More precisely, according to some research results, it was said to be so. Let me state right away that it does not interest me that Trump or Biden came out of this election campaign. We know that US presidents concern US interests. For this, they confuse the Islamic world, rather than dealing with states, they prefer to march with terrorist organizations and to throw a small part of what they exploit from the Islamic world in front of terrorists. The fact that relationships seem to improve from time to time does not express a sincere approach. Only when we recall a little of what happened during Trump's presidency, we see that the US is not concerned with the apology of the Palestinian people, but the clearing of the road to great Israel. In this regard, it should be understood that if Turkey will emerge as an obstacle to the US will do its utmost cornered. In disputes that arise between Turkey and Greece it will be located next to the US without thinking about Greece. Beyond that, no matter how justified in Turkey, Greek Cyprus took place next to the US, it is then armor.
If we give some more examples, many years NATO member Greece Russia-made S-300 while having the missile defense system without any bother, Turkey S-400 are taken as if it were a place to take out the needle batmışça the clapping. Moreover, the number of years that the F-35 aircraft in Turkey in the project costs even though they stop paying. Also, when we wanted to buy a Patriot to build our own defense system, they waited at the door for years. That is, they are not even bother to ask Turkey to defend itself. They did not give what we wanted to get for the price. They want to keep even in the defense of Turkey as they need.
Greece has no objection to the Russian defense system, but because they are uncomfortable with Turkey. In short, even being a member of NATO is not enough for us to become sufficient in defense.
Conflicts have been going on in Syria for years. Beyond that, they are the ones who are confusing Syria. Because they want to create a Kurdish autonomous region in Syria after Iraq. Keep in the United States who is found to occur at the beginning of Israel's largest, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey's Kurdish areas they want to implement their part of the autonomous regions. In short, if the degradation of the Greater Middle East Project, Turkey's target if life is passed to remove barriers Turkey. All these are not unknown issues, but some of Trump's actions and statements against our country seem to have forgotten in the last 4 years. They support Trump against Biden. However, it has been seen that what many US presidents have said in their election campaigns in the past has no meaning. For this, we have to create a strong structure against the US plans that fall on us from now on. no need to remember to come to the US from Turkey. Such forgetfulness means nothing more than going into the same sack with a snake.


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