Abdulkadir Özkan: "Unity cannot be ensured by disfiguring politics"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Unity cannot be ensured by disfiguring politics"
Date: 13.5.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkey's politics. Here is the full article.

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Elections are irreplaceable for democracies. However, in the recent years, when this indispensable mechanism of democracy comes to the agenda, on the one hand, the lying wind is being cast, on the other hand, the society is being decomposed and the enemy camps are formed. In other words, while those who do not think like themselves being accused of treason, there is no one left patriotic except them. Personally, I do not find this approach healthy. In the meantime, while existent ones are shown to the public as absent, non- existent ones are announced as substantial. As such, election campaigns pass through an environment that composed by who have most communication means.
For example, before the March 31 elections, Saadet Party was told on a television channel that it did not have a metropolitan mayor candidate in Istanbul. However, long before this announcement, Saadet Party’s Istanbul Metropolitan Mayoral Candidate was running the election campaign. And another lie campaign against Saadet Party was that it had an alliance with CHP and even with HDP repeated insistently by the huge men who we thought that they were serious by not blushing. Especially some pro-government media have pioneered this. The spokespersons of Saadet Party also spent days telling society that this was a lie. Those who did not have a serious solution to the problems of the country tried to win voters with such lies. As a result of these lies was not enough to win the elections in metropolitan cities, this time they acted to cancel the elections. The result was the cancellation of the Istanbul Metropolitan election which they were more disappointed with and could not absorb. In this regard, the Supreme Election Board has a decision to be discussed for a long time, it is seen that even though the old, lie based election campaigns are over, nothing has changed.
Again in the virtual world, a lie is brought to the agenda every day and these lies are embraced  by a number of pencils. For instance, while there was no explanation, the lie that DSP would withdraw from the elections was brought to the agenda. After this, DSP leader Aksakal stated that “for an another candidate or party to win or lose, fictionizing policy is not suitable for democratic practices. DSP’s unifying or acting with another party would never happen”. It may not be possible for everyone to find it right because it is legal for parties to make an alliance. But while there is no conversation and explanation, isn’t someone’s deciding instead of another party with the lightest express, disrespect? 
Meanwhile, in the virtual world, the news of Saadet Party which attrached the candidate of Istanbul spread. People began to ask each other if this was true. However, Saadet Party was continuing its consultations on this issue and would explain the decision. However, in the absence of a decision or statement made, even after the first meeting the statement of “our consultations about the elections are maintained” is made, someone continue to make decisions(!) on behalf of Saadet Party because of the orders they have taken and they cannot make disobedience. 
In the past, some types in the media occasionally tried to influence the elections by making a series of false news. However, such attitudes remained individual. Nowadays a widespread and organized campaign is being created, and the lies are invaded. After that, the elections are an indispensable element of democracy. These kinds of campaigns are not only cooling people from the elections, but also disfiguring the campaign. I wonder if such ways are used to make elections meaningless? If this is so, it is wrong to do this on behalf of some political parties. Doesn’t that mean that some of the parties cut off the branches with their hands?


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