Abdulkadir Özkan: "USA, the terror production center"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "USA, the terror production center"
Date: 8.4.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on US policy in Middle East. Here is the full article.

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In his statement to our newspaper, the Syrian researcher and former chairman of the Manbij Local Assembly, Hasan-al Nefi said that "the terror production center US spread the DEASH and PKK to the world. It is US that has perpetrated murderers to us". What Nefi say is of course not only these three sentences.In his speech, he said that the Washington administration had planned the invasion of Syria in 2011, that the United States had sabotaged the resistance against the Asad dictatorship and that it tried to reach its goal by using terrorist organizations such as DEASH, PKK. And then he says the PKK invasion in Munbic under the auspices of the US is unacceptable.
The readers of this corner know that we often voiced similar assessments of Syria. Because there's no unknown side left of the cause of the US's existence in Iraq and Syria isn't for the fight against terror organizations, but is for that the countries of the region are intented to act together against these organizations and prevent their decisions to scrap their roots. Already, if you watch out the developments in Syria, when a terrorist organization is not seen in the squares, another terrorist organization is taking its place under a different name. We can say that the US uses these organizations as land forces to reach its target in the region. So, both it doesn't enter its hand into fire and tries to keep alive the future dreams of these organizations alive. It encourages them by saying "I won't let you to be cleaned from the region and disappear". As such, it is necessary to emphasize the US is a state of terror rather than solely describing it as a center of terrorism production. 
I think that it would not be wrong for a country that acts with terrorist organizations and gives them all kinds of arms and education support to be qualified as a terror state. Only these Syria based determinations indicate that the US should be dismantled from the region as soon as possible. Because the countries in the region are in ruin completely. As Iraq has not been able to straight its waist for years, the situation in which Syria has been dragged into scares people. At this point, it is not necessary to say that the US occupation and cooperation with terrorist organizations will not be limited to Iraq and Syria. Because the US implements genocide in the Islamic world either in the east or indirectly by hand.
In order to be able to see the event clearly, it is sufficient to give a summary of Hasan el-Nefi's evaluation:
"In 2004, the US and its partners gave a map of occupation to DAESH. Then, wherever the DAESH entered was demonized. In parallel, tens of thousands of civilians were killed. Then the PKK was expelled and declared as a hero. In the US and its partners' organizations 10 DAESH members and 70 civilians were killed."
This evaluation supports our determination that the US and its partners, who I have tried to mention above, have committed to the Muslim genocide and that they use terrorist organizations for this.
In the meantime, as the millions of civilians lost their lives in all the countries that the US and its alliances have entered, also the basis of race-based conflict that will not be extinguished for years is being formed. 
I would like to conclude this article with a short review of Hasan al-Nefi:
"PKK is putting its signature on inhumane practices with ethnic reasons. This is done by PKK in the plan of the US. They've been doing this for 100 years in different parts of world. The power that haunt us all the anarchist-spirited murderers of the world is definitely the US."
This determination needs to be done but not sufficient. The oppresseds against this terror state must take action.


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