Abdulkadir Özkan: "We need to think, not fight"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "We need to think, not fight"
Date: 9.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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While we need to think together, ponder and look for solutions on the internal and external problems in which society is dragged into, we make every event and issue a polemic cause with a number of political accounts. It's like my party is beating your party and we keep blaming each other. As a result, we come to such a point that according to our sense of belonging, no matter who else thinks of us, we perceive it as wrong. Not only do we perceive it as wrong, but because of every word we say, we see people as terrorists or traitors. This attitude increasingly makes people talk to each other, let alone talk does not stand side by side. Everybody in society is plugging their ears at each other. The result is a deaf dialogue. The more regrettable part is that those who plague the terrorist organizations in our country can tolerate those who occupy Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, while they cannot tolerate patrols with the enemies in the safe zone that they want to be established in Syria. Some critics are being declared enemies because he criticizes us. So the tolerance shown to external enemies can not be shown to each other inside. This is increasingly enlarging our problems, opening new gailas to the beginning of our country.
I want to exemplify the event to make what I'm saying. EU countries embrace the terrorist organizations and militants that the US is haunting our region, give all kinds of support and do not do this in secret. But we do not mind coming to a month with those responsible for those countries. We can not leave the EU door and slam it hard. It can be said that this is not possible in a globalized world. Because now all countries are in contact with each other in one way or another. This contact can be political or economic. In fact, because we are in the same alliance, there is an obligation to come together and talk. For all these reasons, we cannot show each other the same tolerance inside. Don't we need each other as much as these enemies?
I would like to address a recent incident in our relations with the United States. Today, Syria is the square where the EU countries, especially the USA and Russia, have set up a bench. Some have come to Syria to protect their interests, some are in the field to support the US, and in the future when they need it, they are involved in a struggle that should have no interest in getting US support. Moreover, they support the terrorists that the United States has nurtured. I don't see all this as a surprise. They adhere to the unity of the Crusader spirit and support each other. When we add the Zionists to this Crusader alliance, there is a serious bloc. In contrast, the Islamic world is in complete disarray. So we need unity and embrace inside. However, this embrace, which is very easy to realize, cannot and cannot be achieved. When you think about the reason for this contrasting and polarization, you come across some political accounts. However, no matter who is in power, we have to live in this country and this country is not the property of the father of any person and group.
Finally, we have to see that they have interests in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and it is no longer possible for us to protect our own interests by pleasing the hearts of the Crusade-Zionist alliance against the US, which has accumulated troops in the region in order to protect these interests, and beyond that it can share these interests with EU countries. For this, we have to learn to embrace the political accounts aside while fighting against all these enemies.


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